Some memorable moments from MasterChef Australia season 14

MasterChef Australia has always been just more than cooking and food. It has been a wholesome and indelible experience for many of us. The show has captured a spectrum of emotions displayed by the contestants. Season 14 of the prestigious culinary show, streaming exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar, is no different. As we come closer to the end of this year’s season of ambitious cooking and mouth-watering dishes, let’s look back and revisit some of the most memorable moments of MasterChef Australia season 14

Julie Goodwin’s first immunity pin 

The Time Auction challenge has become somewhat of a tradition in the Masterchef kitchen and it’s always exciting to watch. This time, it was made even more special because contestants were fighting for the last immunity pin of the season. Julie Goodwin, with her lamb dish paired with eggplant paste, won her first-ever immunity pin. Her expression as she held the pin and jumped up and down in joy was absolutely wonderful. 

 Movie Food immunity challenge 

Another immunity challenge but one that was so unique because of the amount of fun and laughter that was prevalent in the kitchen. Contestants participated in a popcorn taste test and created choc-tops for a chance to win that elusive pin. Despite the stakes, everyone was in a cheery mood with this fun and light-hearted challenge – a rarity in the competition and one to be appreciated.  

When Jock made butter chicken using a tandoor oven 

In a combined Masterclass by Andy Allan and Jock Zonfrillo, Jock fired up the tandoor oven to make his favourite rainy-day dish – Butter Chicken! The contestants oohed and aahed as the judge worked his magic to whip up the beautifully done Indian dish. 

Marco Pierre White's elimination 

Although it was an elimination day, it’s always good to have a legend in the kitchen. Marco Pierre White inspires contestants to put their best foot forward. With his handy advice like “Taste, taste, taste” and “Have the confidence to follow your instincts” alongside his sheer iconic status, this day in the kitchen was one to remember. 

Team Relay Challenge 

The Team Relay challenge has gained some notoriety, ever since contestant John Carisig attempted to make a white chocolate veloute and failed spectacularly. In this season, he had a chance to do it all over again and he captained the Red Team to put up a great dish. Redemption arcs are always satisfying, especially in the Masterchef kitchen. 

When Sarah Todd made Bhel Puri in a Masterchef challenge

t’s always nice to see Indian dishes acquit themselves well in shows like Masterchef. In the 10-minute challenge, Sarah Todd put together a delicious Bhel Puri that made the judges exclaim in wonder at the depth of flavour in such a simple dish. It was a point of pride and definitely a highlight this season. 

Alan Quah’s Drunken Chicken comeback

In the Three-Round elimination challenge, it was Alvin Quah against Tommy Pham. It was a heartbreaking situation because the two were such close friends. However, both contestants pushed hard and Alvin Quah made a bold statement by bringing back his acclaimed Drunken Chicken dish. It really was a sight to see the judges practically giggling over how good the dish was, saving Alvin from elimination. 

Michael Weldon’s Risky Time Challenge 

No risk equals no reward and Michael Weldon’s strategy when fighting for immunity in the Time Challenge reflected that. It was exhilarating to watch him give himself the least amount of time possible to make something that was so delicious, that it won him immunity! An unforgettable challenge for sure and one that was inspiring as well. 


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