Sony Max 2 Celebrates Heritage of Indian Cinema

Sony MAX2 ‘Timeless Digital Awards’ is back with its 3rd season to delight its audience with an era of Hindi cinema that is evergreen and holds reminiscence till date. The ‘Sadabahar’ 50’s and 60’s gave birth to several inspiring masterpieces with legendary actors and films that became the voice of the common man dealing with societal issues, characters that allured us with enchanting romance and songs and stories that evoked compelling emotions.

Launched in 2016, the digital awards have seen stupendous growth year on year. This year the channel celebrates the many firsts of Hindi cinema that make for #IndiaKiShaan in the Timeless Digital Awards Season 3

Adgully had an interaction with Ms. Vaishali Sharma  Senior VP, Marketing & Communications,  Max2

`What was the idea behind starting something like Timeless Digital Awards?

Vaishali Sharma
Vaishali Sharma

I think the biggest brand essence of Sony MAX 2 is to celebrate the rich heritage of Indian Cinema, which enriches our lives. You know every decade has so much to offer but in one go, it’s very difficult, the stars from 80s and 90s are different from the stars of 60s and 70s and so on. So we decided to do it season wise. So, the first season was obviously about the 80s and 90s and then we moved to 60s and 70s. The views that we got in season 1 was 80,000 and in season 2 it increased to 44 lakhs. Then we really realised that this is the ideal platform to acknowledge and celebrate Indian Cinema. That was the reason we decided to start this as we always believe in innovating and coming up with new ideas and our objective was to uplift the imagery and perception of MAX 2 once again doing it in a very modern and contemporary way. The best way to do that is through the digital space. We are very excited about the decades of 50s and 60s because those were the decades which made the foundation of the Indian Cinema to where it is today. These two decades are the decades of inspiration of creating legends, epics, and stalwarts. We need to acknowledge, celebrate and glorify this era.

What is the relevance to today’s audience?

 There are people in today’s generation who don’t understand or know this and that is why this initiative has been taken in the digital world so that they can experience this, be curious about it, acknowledge and then vote for it. Of course we will be reaching out to people who are great fans of Indian Cinema who go back and see these films and then we will obviously reach out to the older generations who knows and understands the Indian Cinema.

Is it the first of its kind?

I think that this is the first of its kind and I have not heard anyone doing something like this before.

You have started new categories. Your idea behind it

This year the key insight that we have used is the campaign idea, which is –‘India Ki Shaan’. So we are building on the insight that this is India’s pride. There are so many things in India that we should be proud about and this is one era of cinema which we should be proud about. We as a brand, the channel who is dedicated to celebrate the richness of Indian Cinema, we felt it was important and critical to celebrate 50s and 60s. So we have been promoting heavily on digital platform, but we are using very unique and innovative way to promote it- we will have different bloggers from different streams who will actually take the aspects of cinema and make it more relevant to today’s generation. You will have an entire microsite which is been created where you can just not vote but you can get to know about the stars, legends, epic films etc.


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