Sony PIX, going the digital way!

PIX is all set to woo the audiences with its newest offering ‘Flipbook’. PIX has been immensely popular for its diverse offerings across all genres; be it science-fiction, animation, adventure, action, humor or thrillers. The channel further gears up to strengthen its programming with an exciting line-up of some of the best Hollywood blockbusters. PIX will also strengthen the primetime 9 pm slot with an array of movies which will make movie watching a memorable experience for families.
Sony PIX is embarking on a non-stop string of chartbusters to strengthen their prime time. It is cutting across many genres with sci-fi, animation, adventure-action, humour, and thrillers, a bonanza of action packed films that will keep the adrenaline pumping even faster than before. An immense line-up of the viewers favourite movies are in store and this veritable treat can be expected every night at 9pm only on PIX. The channel will bestow an extra dosage of entertainment as it zooms in on the most watched television prime time slot of 9:00 pm. This exciting line-up will boost the viewers dose of Hollywood entertainment. As a result the 9pm slot will be further strengthened and the channel plans to engage their viewers with their collection of signature, top-grossing and blockbuster films.
Giant cult heavyweights like ‘Watchmen’, ‘Star Trek’ & ‘G.I.Joe’ which have garnered unprecedented fan following globally will also be aired on PIX. In addition, they are showcasing for the first time on Indian Television, ‘Spiderman trilogy’ which includes Spiderman 1, 2 & 3. Another unique offering from PIX is the most succesful animation film of the decade ‘Surfs up’, featuring the voices of Shia LaBeouf, Zooey Deschanel and Jon Heder.
PIX  has also come up with a special new offering of the ‘Flipbook’. This offers viewers a sneak peek into PIX’s electrifying line-up of the month. It will be a platform where viewers can know about the latest monthly happenings on the channel. PIX has set  the ball rolling with this first of its kind one stop destination in the English movie category which will make interacting with the channel even more exciting!  
Himmat Butalia, Marketing Head, Sony PIX and Amogh Dusad, Vice President & Head- Programing spoke to Adgully about their two brand new properties viz. Flipbook and Strengthening the 9pm slot.
Himmat Butalia, Marketing Head, Sony PIX says that their focus is mainly now on the digital platform. Earlier the movie line up used to be mailed as booklets and distributed to a huge number of people to propagate it. The process was cumbersome and there were a lot of limitations in that procedure. They wanted to do something on the digital platform and that is how the idea of ‘Flipbook’ originated. Now with the launch of ‘Flipbook’ their reach has widened. They have their own database and also have a lot of inputs coming. The tracker system gives them an analysis, understanding and the interest it has generated in the viewers. Says Butalia” It is a very simple idea but it looks good and is very cost effective. We are planning to make a lot of changes, put in more features and more images and make it visually more appealing. That is essentially the ‘Flipbook’ and I haven’t seen anyone or any movie channel do it in India.” There are no barriers regarding downloading and hence the link can open up within seconds making it easier for people to access and also circulate it to their friends and acquaintances.
“The digital space is very critical and with digitization coming in we are trying to concentrate on the digital platform,” he says. Since the past few years they have moved from 2-3% to 15% on the digital platform.
PIX  are  promoting their movies on Facebook, another digital platform. They are presently making an application for ‘Spiderman Trilogy’ on the Facebook page and more applications are in the offing in the near future.
He also spoke about the PIX movie club for the 15-22 year olds which shows latest Hollywood movies. They have a 42,000 membership for this club and this link too gives them a feedback with regard to reviews and requests for merchandise. The digital platform helps to give a two way communication. People send in their views and responses and hence there is interaction.
“It is moving in a very positive format. I can make four Flipbooks in a month and it is extremely cost effective so compared to printing from every perspective it is working for us,” says Butalia.
He also spoke about ‘Versus’ which will showcase two big action stars simultaneously, for example ‘Rambo vs. Arnie’ as promos with titles, which will be coming up on the channel soon.
With regard to a new set of advertisers approaching them Butalia said “At the end of the day if a channel is doing something new, showing interesting movies and you can package it properly and your numbers are also supporting you there will be more advertisers.”
Amogh Dusad, Vice President & Head- Programming spoke about their afternoon programming block which was targeted at the youth to keep them occupied during their summer vacation in April & May 2012 . Back to back movies  kept the college going youth and their families occupied this summer. “It was a great success and is still doing quite well,” he says. He also spoke about the Sunday movie block ‘Sunday Breakout’ which was initiated in October 2011 which was one of PIX’s most appreciated properties. In this way PIX has  been concentrating on the day part build up strategy since quite some time now he says.
He also added “Now that the IPL season is over our focus is on the 9 pm slot and we are looking at strengthening this slot.”.
PIX is now all set to bring special blockbuster titles to provide a memorable experience for  their viewers. They can now look forward to spending quality time watching a great Hollywood film every night at 9pm on the channel and Flipbook from PIX is going to make movie viewing on the channel a lot easier and convenient for viewers henceforth.

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