Sony Pix to celebrate family time this Sunday with 'Paddington'

How adorable will it be to spot a cuddly suited booted Teddy Bear, alighting a train and strutting his luggage finding his new abode. It’s a childhood fantasy that we must have all had at some stage and to see its depiction on the big screen is an absolute visual treat. 
Sony PIX, staying true to its brand persona will make sure you STAY AMAZED with the story of the endearing bear from the Peruvian rainforest Paddington, a name that fate chose for him at Paddington Station where his life was going to change forever. Watch this adorable bear’s tryst in the urban jungle far far away from his comfortable life in the rainforest on 29th May 1:00pm & 9:00pm. 
Paddington is a family movie that will work its way into your hearts and minds with love from both children and adults alike world over.This charmingly delightful affair got a rotten tomatoes positive rating of 98% and a rating of 7.2 on IMDB and is going down as one of the best family films. Paddington is truly hilarious and heartwarming with a story that is so rich and compelling that it just grabs everyone by the heart with its charm and humour.
A deadly earthquake destroys the Peruvian rainforest and a young bear (Ben Whishaw), makes his way to London in search of a new home. The bear, dubbed “Paddington” reaches the london train station and finds shelter with Henry (Hugh Bonneville) and Mary Brown (Sally Hawkins). Although Paddington’s amazement at urban life soon endears him to the Browns, someone else finds her eye on him: the sadist Taxidermist, Millicent Clyde (Nicole Kidman), who kills and stuffs exotic animals to house in the Natural History Museum. She becomes aware of Paddington and sets out to hunt him down. Through his journey, Paddington must not only find himself a humble abode in London, but also escape Millicent’s vicious plan to stuff him. 
Based on Paddington Bear created by Michael Bond, the charmingly funny and shamelessly punny, Paddington is directed by Paul King, written by King and Hamish McColl, and produced by David Heyman. Ben Whishaw is the voice behind Paddington and will be seen along with co-stars Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Julie Walters and Nicole Kidman. Paddington has become the highest-ever grossing non-Hollywood family film after banking $200million at the box office in its release year.
Interestingly, through the cute and cuddly Paddington, Paul King and David Heyman, have delivered an underlying message of tolerance and acceptance that strikes a palpable chord in today's world, both for adults and children.
Tune in to Sony PIX on 29th May at 1:00pm & 9:00pm as ‘Paddington’ takes from the Purevian jungles to the streets of London city

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