Sony SAB launches a new office comedy, ‘Aadat Se Majboor’

When five young people with completely different personalities work together in one space it is bound to create some competition as well as some comic situations. Such is the life of these five frenemies -Sunny, JD, Ranjan, Riya and Sam who work together in a publishing house. Set in Mumbai, ‘Aadat Se Majboor’ is a show about friendship, rivalry, bonding, love topped with lots of comedy. The show premiers on Tuesday, October 03, 2017 at 7:30pm only on Sony SAB.

A group of freshers who happen to meet each other on their first job at a publishing house are working very hard to make their magazine, ‘City Chakkar’, a success. In doing so, the fab five while working efficiently, sometimes get trapped in the grind of competition, setting off circumstances   that create hilarious situations in their everyday lives.

The show is set in the backdrop of Mumbai and features five frenemies Sunny, JD, Ranjan, Riya and Sam. Sunny (Anuj Pandit) who comes from a Punjabi family in Delhi, loves to show off and brag about his branded possessions. Sunny’s only motive is to marry a beautiful girl whom he can flaunt in front of his family. JD aka Jamnadas Dhirubhai Majethia (Rishabh Chaddha) is from Vapi, Gujarat and being extremely money-minded is a true judagu. He can always figure out ways to monetize anything from scratch. Ranjan (Haresh Raut) who hails from Latur in Maharashtra, belongs to a poor family that believe firmly in their middle-class values. Besides being intelligent, he is hard-working and studious. These three boys work in the ad-sales team and are always at loggerheads

Riya (Sana Maqbool Khan) who is a features writer for the magazine, having stayed abroad for all her life, has returned to India with great determination to prove herself. However, there is one truth about her which she does not reveal to her colleagues, that her father owns the magazine they are working for. Samiksha aka Sam (Vanshika Sharma) is a photojournalist who hails from Haryana. She is a rebel and a true feminist at heart. She is forthcoming in her opinions and always in a conflict with the men in her department. She volunteers to take up more responsibility so that she gets an opportunity to boss over the boys.

However, despite the professional rivalry, the five are friends in their personal lives and comfort each other in their ups and downs. Apart from the core team, other cast members are the Boss (Anant Mahadevan), Meneka (Pragati Mehra), Mr Patel (Shekhar Shukla) and two clerks. These people have been with the organisation for a long time. The show also promises to bring in established comedians and actors in cameo roles so as to heighten the laughter quotient.


Mr. Neeraj Vyas, Sr. EVP & Head, Channel SAB and MAX cluster of channels

“With Sony SAB’s refreshed avatar and new brand proposition of ‘Haste Raho, India’, we are eager to offer more youthful and fresh comedy content to our viewers. People spend a great deal of their time at work places and the humour that emanates in these spaces and situations can be really entertaining and comical. With ‘Aadat Se Majboor’, we are shifting the base of the story and humour to an office set-up. The show features the lives of five young professionals and the drama and rivalry that unfolds in their lives. We hope our viewers love this freshness we bring with this concept.”

Mr. Pankaj Sudheer Mishra, Creative Producer, TEAM Productions

 “Aadat Se Majboor is very close to our heart since it is the first time that the three of us, Dharampal Thakur (Director), Bharat Kukreti (Lead writer) and I have come together to produce something like this. The show is a perfect concoction of comedy and fun that brews between five young freshers in an office set-up in their first job. There is a lot of spunk, freshness and mirth that we bring to the audience with this show. I hope the viewers love it.”

Tune in to Aadat Se Majboor premiering from October 03, Monday to Friday at 07:30pm only on Sony SAB!

Star Cast Details:

JD – Rishabh Chaddha                      

The Boss – Anand Mahadevan

Sunny– Anuj Pandit

Maneka– Pragati Mehra

Ranjan – Haresh Raut

Mr Patel – Shekhar Shukla

Riya – Sana Maqbool Khan

Senior Officials- Banwari Lal and Narottam Das

Sam – Vanshika Sharma



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