Sony Sood on 'Not Just Supper Stars' on Zee Cafe

*How was your experience shooting for Not Just Supper Stars?

It has been Phenomenal, it is something very new and if you talk about fitness, fashion, style, it is everything the audience wants to know. It is a lot of fun and I am sure people will connect to this

*How do you look back at your career? * How do you want to take forward your acting career?

I am an engineer who came into this field to pursue my career and to make my parents proud. I have done films in various genres and in various languages like Tamil, Telegu, Kanada, Chinese, Marathi Punjabi and English. I still think there are miles to go and the journey is on.

* What can we expect with your new upcoming movies? If you can briefly talk about a few movies you will be a part of

I am working on a movie called Kurukshetra which will be coming soon along with a movie in Tamil, I will also be starting shoot on Kungfu Yoga 2, and will be announcing another project too

*tell us what viewers/fans can expect from your episode in Not Just Supper Stars

They will see the real me, what I love, what I enjoy, what I want to do, so I am sure they will enjoy the show

*Who is your go-to person when you find yourself stuck in personal life or professional life? Who is joining you on this show? And, why that person?

My go to person is my wife sonali whenever I get stuck or whenever I need suggestion I always go to her, and ia lways get the right ones. But today I am with my trainer Yogesh, he has been with me since Happy New Year days and he has been training with me for various projects like Simba. He is one guy who has been constant support system when you talk about fitness

Hangout with your favourite celebrities and the real superheroes behind their success with ‘Not Just Supper Stars’ on Sundays at 10 PM and reruns on Friday 11 PM on Zee Café


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