Sony YAY! is banking on conversational comedy with new show ‘Ha.Go.La’

Sony YAY! is sprucing its content line-up with a new animated show, ‘Ha.Go.La’. Set in the Northern heartlands of India, the new show will transport kids into the world of three crazy friends - Hathgola, Goli and Lattha, where inanimate objects come to life to go on misadventures of a lifetime. Bollywood actor and musician Ragubhir Yadav has sung the title theme song of the show.

Ha.Go.La and Robotan are the most recent additions to the summer content slate of the channel.

In conversation with Adgully, Ronojoy Chakraborty, Head of Programming Sony YAY! speaks about the inspiration behind the show, Upcoming projects in the year ahead, things to keep in mind while choosing content and more.

Who is the inspiration behind the show ‘Ha.Go.La’?

Our inspiration has always been kids – what kids do, their lifestyle, and what kind of activities they get into. Based on that, Ha.Go.La is our homegrown production.

Could you tell us more about the unique characters and the plot of the show?

The names of the three main characters – Hathgola, Goli and Lattha – form the show’s name, ‘Ha.Go.La’. We have tried to create a conversational comedy, a new kind of genre that is ideally based on dialogues. It is the story of the characters’ lives, which is set in the Hindi-speaking states and talks about their day-to-day conversations. The unique part of the show is that it is based on the seemingly meaningless meandering conversations that kids have.

What are the upcoming projects of Sony YAY!?

‘Ha.Go.La’ launched on the 20th of June. Besides this, many other upcoming projects are lined up. On the same day we have also launched a new show ‘Robotan’, which is all about a friendly robot living in a Japanese family as domestic help. There will be more upcoming announcements, so stay tuned to Sony YAY!

While choosing the content for the channel, what do you always keep in mind?

While shortlisting and choosing content, the only priority is that the kids should love it. The shows that we produce are created from insights that we gather from kids.

How was the experience collaborating with Raghubir Yadav for the title song?

Raghubir Yadav, was extremely enthusiastic while he recorded the song and we have enjoyed every bit in the process of collaborating with him.

What made you choose a regional dialect? Is it for impactful storytelling?

Our primary audience is from Hindi language-speaking states, so we wanted to create a show that would cater to the significant audiences we have on the channel, which is the major reason of why we chose this dialect. We will also dub the show in other regional languages like Bangla, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam; I am sure that kids will enjoy it in their respective languages as much as in the Hindi dialect.



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