Sony YAY! kicks off this summer season with a bag full of new offerings

Kids across the country are all ready to wrap up their schools and are gearing up for the long awaited summer break.However, there is one question every kid has for their friends  – What’s your Summer plan? Kicko, kid’s favorite next door kid is all set to make this summer a memorable one with bag full of new stories for his young fans.

Pegged as one of the most loved shows on Sony YAY!, ‘KickO& Super Speedo’s lead character is a favorite amongst the kids with them aspiring to be as brave as him. In the wake of Kicko’s growing popularity, Sony YAY! is airing brand new episodes where Kicko is seen in a re-loaded avatar fighting the evil villains of the Suncity. The channel also showcased a brand new movie called “Kicko and Superspeedo -The real heroes” recently. The high octane action movie that was premiered on 15th March received lots of love from the kids.

The treat doesn’t stop here, Kicko is already winning hearts through his mobile game. The Kicko mobile game has hit a milestone with 2 million+ downloads already. It is a fun game where the notorious Joker with his equally evil partners in crime - Magnet Man and Dr. Crazy is on a rampage and seeks to destroy Sun City makes the game sticky with average time spent per user on the game is 16 minutes. Through this game, kids get a chance to be as brave as their favorite super-kid in his quest on saving the city from the clutches of evil and always fighting for the right as the game is hosting 2L daily active users (DAU). The game’s success asserts kids love and admiration for their favorite toon – Kicko.

While kids start their break with these new offerings, there’s lots more that Sony YAY! has in store for them.


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