Sony YAY! & PVR Cinemas together bring the YAY-experience on to the big screen

The camaraderie, chemistry and comedy of errors, that take place between the quirky duo of Honey-Bunny from Sony YAY!, is loved and adored by kids across the country! That same jodi is now set to go larger than television and give fans an experience to remember as theyare now set to bring all the madness on the big screen. A fun-filled outing for the entire family awaits as Sony YAY! exclusively associates with the leading theatre chain PVR Cinemas for the theatrical release of ‘Honey-Bunny in a Crazy Crazy Chase and Haunted House’on 28th June 2019.

The movies will be released at PVR theatres across Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Indore, Pune, Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Surat. With Sony YAY! teaming up with PVR to double the fun, fans are in for a fabulous movie-viewing experience of their favorite YAY! toons.

The young viewers will surely be at the edge of their seats in theatres as Sony YAY! once again endeavors to give fans a one of a kind experience. The movie starts with Honey-Bunny setting out on a vacation that takes a hilarious wrong turn! Our favorite duo are supposed to head to Kanyakumari, but a series of unfortunate events see them following a look-alike of their owner Ms. Katkar ending up in the sandy beaches of Goa. Just when they start to enjoy the beach vibe, the comedy of errors begins! What follows is a hilarious chase between two burglars and the toons which ends with the real Ms. Katkar coming to their rescue and putting the burglars behind bars.

The fun doesn’t end there, as what follows is high on thrills and chills as the Jholmaal pair, try to get the better of a number of villains in a scary mansion. And that’s not all. If you thought all ghosts were scary, think again, as the movie features a friendly ghost named Mini. But unlike most other stories, this one is a light-hearted take on ghosts that is bound to leave kids laughing their wits out.

To top it all, young fans are also in for Sony YAY!’s exclusive  goodies and treats as the hilarious duo, Honey-Bunny, will also join them to shake a leg and make memories. The idea is to transform the theatres in to a YAY-zone as kids have a YAY!-tastic weekend.                                     

So, book your tickets at PVR Cinemas now and get ready to joinHoney-Bunny’s adventures in a Crazy Crazy Chase and Haunted House!


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