Sports genre garners 75% share of Cryptocurrency ads in Jul-Nov’21: TAM AdEx

Cryptocurrency related advertising has been on the rise in recent times. In its analysis of Cryptocurrency advertising during the July-November 2021 period, TAM-AdEx finds that the festive season and sports, specifically cricket, fuelled the ad volumes of this category across TV, Digital, Print and Radio.


In Jul-Nov’21, Cryptocurrency related advertising was maximum in the month of October 2021 at 51%, while there was no crypto advertising in August 2021. The top most advertiser, Primestack, accounted for half of the advertising share of category Ad Volumes during Jul-Nov’21. Coindcx Go App and Coinswitch Kuber were the Top 2 brands during Jul-Nov’21 with 54% and 42% share of the Ad Volumes, respectively.

Sports genre alone had more than 75% share of the category’s Ad Volumes, followed by Infotainment in the 2nd position. The Top 3 channel genres – Sports, Infotainment, GEC – grabbed 90+% of Ad Volumes for Cryptocurrency category during Jul-Nov’21.

Cricket was the most preferred program genre to promote Cryptocurrency on Television. Top 3 program genres, that is, Cricket, Nature/Wild Life/Environment and Game show/Quiz together added more than 80% of the category Ad Volumes.

On TV, Prime Time was the most preferred time-band, followed by Afternoon. Prime Time, Afternoon, and Evening time bands together added nearly 80% share of Ad Volumes. 20-40 seconds was the most preferred ad length by Cryptocurrency advertisers on Television. <20 seconds and 20-40 seconds ad size together accounted for more than 95% share of category Ad Volumes during Jul-Nov’21.


In Print medium, Ad Space of Cryptocurrency category saw an exponential growth during Jul-Nov’21. Zeb It Service and Bitcipher Labs were the Top 2 advertisers of Cryptocurrency category, which together contributed more than 85% share of the Ad Space in Jul-Nov’21. Zebpay was the top brand with 48% share of the Ad Space.

During Jul-Nov’21, English language dailies were preferred most by Cryptocurrency category with 46% share of the Ad Space, followed by Hindi dailies with 16% share. The Top 5 Publication languages together added 84% share of the category Ad Space.

South Zone topped in Cryptocurrency advertising in Print with 43% share of the Ad Space during Jul-Nov’21, followed by West Zone. Bangalore and Mumbai were the Top 2 cities in overall India as well as in South and West Zones for the advertising of Cryptocurrency category in Print.

Sales Promotion had 47% share of Cryptocurrency’s Ad Space during Jul-Nov’21. Among Sales Promotions, Discount Promotion occupied 100% share of Ad Space share.


During the Jul-Nov’21 period, Cryptocurrency related advertising was at peak during November 2021, with more than 90% of the category share. There was no advertising by the Cryptocurrency category in the months of July and August of 2021.

Among the advertisers, Tictok Skill Games topped with 31% of the Ad Volumes’ share in Jan-Aug’21. Winzo Games was the top brand with 31% share of the Ad Volumes, followed by Rummycircle.Com with 28% share.

Maharashtra and Gujarat held top two positions for maximum category ad volume share during Jul-Nov’21 on Radio – at 22% and 18%, respectively. The Top 3 states occupied more than 50% of the ad pie on Radio for the Cryptocurrency Category.

Advertising on Radio was preferred in the Evening time-band, followed by Morning & Afternoon. 90% share of Cryptocurrency’s ad volumes was contributed by Evening & Morning time-bands during Jul-Nov’21.


On the Digital medium, category ad insertions were higher during October 2021 at 33%. Bitcipher Labs (49% share) and Neblio Technologies (17% share) were the Top 2 advertisers of the Cryptocurrency category, which together accounted for 66% share of the Ad Insertions during Jul-Nov’21.

Coinswitch Kuber was top brand with 47% share of the Ad Insertions during Jul-Nov’21, followed by Coindcx Cryptocurrency Exchange with a 17% share. The Top 5 brands had more than 90% share of the Ad Insertions.

During Jul-Nov’21, Display advertisement had 81% share of the Ad Insertions for Cryptocurrency category on Digital. Among the Digital platforms, Desktop Display and Mobile Display together had more than 70% share of the Ad Insertions during Jul-Nov’21.


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