Sportz Village brings Experiential Sports Marketing to the centre stage with ‘PHYGITAL’

Sportz Village Xp and Intin recently organized a roundtable discussion with prominent CEO/CMOs to discuss the evolving consumer preferences and needs, market response owing to the pandemic and new avenues for engaging with kids through sports. The expert study paper titled ‘Unlocking Sports for Kids - Configuring the New Normal for Consumer Engagement’ summarizes the main conclusions of the roundtable and the way forward.

The Covid-19 pandemic has severely restricted human life, bringing ‘safety’ at the helm of everything. With every outdoor activity being halted for an undefined period, the health and fitness, especially for kids, faces a challenge. Sportz Village Xp, one of the leading sports marketing firm in India, took an initiative to unlock sports for kids taking into consideration every direct and indirect stakeholder associated with it, i.e. parents, sports platforms and brands.

The roundtable consisting of the top brass at Sportz Village, Byjus, Dabur & Nazara Technologies discussed the challenges in engaging with kids during COVID-19 as well as the shift in consumer behaviour. As marketeers are reassessing whether they can deliver responsible consumer engagement programs through sports, Sportz Village Xp brings forth quality insights into the foreseeable future through ‘Phygital’ solutions to keep kids active and playing.

"Covid or no Covid, kids are born to play - for Health, Immunity & Happiness. Brands can now consider ‘Home as the New Playground’ to continue to engage with kids and parents in a positive manner. The Phygital solutions outlined in the paper combine the best of Digital and Physical to really add value to the child and parent's life, thereby helping brands build a lasting, on-going and positive relationship with their consumers - especially in these times of stress and anxiety," said Saumil Majmudar, CEO, Sportz Village on the importance of finding a solution to rebuild.

The paper also highlights Covid Impact Survey findings about parent’s response to lack of physical activities. As high as 84% of the parents said that they were not happy with the increased 5-hour screen time on an average. Glaring concerns for loss of physical growth along with risks of psychological impact were pointed out by parents. 

Atit Mehta, head of marketing, Byju's, said, “Every phase of the lockdown is a bigger blow to the kids than the previous one, the challenges to engage the kids in the process of learning keep increasing as the time increases."

The outcome of the roundtable was illuminating to carve the way for parents and brands alike to keep kids physically engaged during Covid. The application of ‘Phygital’ to build unique solutions to engage with kids at home in a safe, active and scalable manner is the need of the hour. Sportz Village Xp has yet again proven the expertise with smooth sailing of Active Club and Play At Home programme.

The Part II of the expert study to be released in September 2020 will present consumer engagement solutions for the post-Covid world, keeping focus on safety and immunity to build new avenues for physical activity.

As the curtains raise to a certain new normal, brands and marketeers have an exciting opportunity to offer exhilarating and refreshing experiences to consumers, albeit in a safe and drastically new manner.

The Expert Study Paper can be downloaded here:


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