‘Spring: Bouncing Back From Rejection’ is Ambi’s best book till date: R Sridhar

Ambi Parameswaran, a branding and marketing expert and author, very recently launched his book, ‘Spring: Bouncing Back From Rejection’, targeting primarily millennials. The book talks about rejections, failures, success and challenges as part of life. According to Ambi, people should sit back, face rejection, process and learn from it.

R Sridhar, Innovation Coach, Author, Speaker and former Director at Ogilvy & Mather, reviews ‘Spring: Bouncing Back From Rejection’.

‘Spring...’ is Ambi’s best book till date. 

All of us have faced rejections. The secret of winning is bouncing from rejection. Not to be overwhelmed by it. 

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This is good piece of advice – and all of us have heard it. Sometimes good advice does not sink in. You need to lubricate the mind to let the advice move in without struggle. 

That is what Ambi does with ‘Spring...’. Everyone who’s successful has been through speed breakers called rejections. Many of us also suffer from self doubts. We are our own worst enemies. 

Ambi helps us to look at failures with understanding and empathy. He also shows that alone is not good enough. You must bounce back. 

‘Spring...’ reads a racy novel. Powerful real life examples from known people add a lot of credibility to the book.

Ambi’s pragmatism and practical wisdom add credibility to his message. 

This book could not have been released at a better time. Our lives have turned upside down. How are we going to bounce back? Ambi shows you. 

Everyone who is at a kind of cross roads because of the current situation will get a shot in the arm from ‘Spring...’.

The book gets credibility from Ambi’s own authenticity as a human being. 

Read this even if you are doing well. You will find this useful should you ever face tough times. 


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