SRK told to wait in Disney + Hostar's new TVC

Disney + Hotstar has gone a step ahead to create buzz among the audiences with their latest campaign ‘Thoda Ruk Shah Rukh’ featuring Shah Rukh Khan, Gopal Dutt, and filmmaker Anurag Kashyap. Starting with the backdrop of how SRKs’ new app SRK + is going to be launched soon, it left the fans guessing about the new app and what it's going to bring for them. However, Hotstar introduces its new TVC campaign soon, expressing the message that there is no end to entertainment on Disney + Hostar.

The first ad starts with a fictional news flash that states that SRK is launching his own OTT app SRK + and SRK viewing the news with pride in his house. He is accompanied by filmmaker Anurag Kashyap and actor Gopal Dutt who plays the role of his manager. While SRK is excited about his new OTT app and goes on discussing story ideas for the same with Anurag Kashyap, his manager opens his eyes with some exceptional facts about Disney + Hostar. The filmmaker offers some story ideas to Shah Rukh, including the story of a serial killer on a run in Mumbai, and a badass cop, to which the manager replies that there is already a superhit series, similar to the proposed story idea, with the name ‘Rudra’ featuring actor Ajay Devgan. Kashyap then offers another story idea about a school teacher who is a kidnapper and the manager steps in again saying that there is a film called ‘A Thursday’ on Disney + Hostar featuring actor Yami Gautam.

Shah Rukh after listening to all these looks at his manager asking him whether there is anything worthy left with them to which the manager replies there is their IPL team. However, to their dismay, Kashyap answers that there is Tata IPL on Disney + Hostar with the narrative saying Disney + Hostar streams a host of films, shows, series, sports shows with the entertainment being non-stop and introduces the tagline ‘Thoda Ruk Shah Rukh’.

The second ad shows SRK, Anurag Kashyap having lunch at the former’s house and the manager accompanying them. It starts with Dutt informing Khan that all the stars have gone to their competitor Disney + Hostar, thereby contemplating who will join their app, to which SRK replies, being confident about his app, that the name SRK + is enough and to let others go to Disney + Hostar. Dutt then goes on to say that Disney + Hostar is known by their work with so many successful shows, informing that last year out of the top five shows, the top four shows were from Disney + Hostar. SRK then replies that the last year is gone to which his manager replies that this year also all the top shows are from Disney + Hostar. Kashyap also joins then and goes on to show Khan from his phone how shows such as Rudra, Human, A Thursday have been trending. An annoyed Shah Rukh, by mistake then drops Kashyap’s phone on the daal, to shut him up and with the phone ringing he says ‘Even this won’t stop’. The narrative then again plays saying there is no end to entertainment on Disney + Hostar.

 SRK has shared the clip on Twitter with the caption ‘Dil toh pagal tha, ab dimaag bhi kharaab kar diya @DisneyPlusHS walon ne’. Sushmita Sen and Kirti Kulhari have retweeted the same among others.

In the year 2021, Disney + Hostar has brought out three ads under the ‘Siway SRK’ campaign showing SRK waving to his fans from his balcony and his disappointment for not having a show on Disney + Hostar while his contemporaries having the same on the platform and shows him waiting for the same.


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