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Star Wars-The Complete Saga is back on Star Movies!

Starting 14th of January,2016 at 12 noon

From 1977 to 2017, Star Wars, a space film series created by George Lucas of "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away" famous for its innumerable fans following The Complete Saga religiously. In first place this film series has multiple characters and secondly each character has its own little or big story which draws attention of the viewers. There are so many facts about the Star wars that people love to debate. Merchandise like light saber, T-shirts, Star Wars Character figurines and bobble heads have always remained I the shelves of every 90’s kid until now.

With the Star Wars Saga making a comeback on Star Movies, a quikc look at some of the mind boggling facts of the Star Wars Saga

 Anthony Daniels, who voiced C3P0 and climbed into the tin suit, is the only actor to appear in all 8 Star Wars films:

  • Anthony Daniels, who voiced C3P0 and climbed into the tin suit, is the only actor to appear in all 8 Star Wars films
  • Bail Organa and Yoda step into the hallway of Organa's ship and have a nice coversation about being rebels or something in Sith. It's the actual ship that Darth Vader boards to capture Princess Leia Organa in the start of A New Hope.
  • Clones age TWICE as fast as normal.
  • According to Animation Director Rob Coleman, not a single clone trooper suit was ever built. Every single clone trooper seen in the film is computer generated, with motion capture performed by ILM employees, wearing only the helmet and sometimes the footwear of the suit. The rest is complete CG.
  • In Jedi, listen very carefully as Darth Vader picks up the Emperor and throws him down the Death Star shaft. This is the only time the Jedi theme music plays over a shot of Vader, reflecting his return to the light side of the Force. 
  • Princess Leia was subject to one of the most famous ad libs in cinema history - that being Han Solo's response to her declaration of love - "I know". Harrison Ford apparently made it up at Irvine Kershner's suggestion. Leia got to return the line in Jedi during the Battle of Endor. 

Do no miss the Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace on 14th Jan at 12 noon and Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones on 15th Jan at same time.



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