Taboola introduces new subscription feature for Taboola Newsroom

Taboola, the world’s leading discovery platform, today announced a major adoption milestone for its Newsroom product suite, which uses AI and the largest dataset on the open web to support quality journalism. Taboola today introduced a new subscription feature for Newsroom, to help publishers better understand and engage with subscribers, and acquire significant new subscribers. This new feature allows publishers to see which articles are driving conversions, reduce churn by understanding how subscribers are engaging with content, and determine the "propensity to subscribe" of readers via machine learning-based modeling. According to industry data, 52 percent of publishers say subscriptions are a key priority for driving revenue.

Taboola Newsroom is now used by the world’s largest publishers to plan and optimize editorial content, increase readership and more effectively monetize. Newsroom has seen a 70 percent year-over-year increase in adoption by publisher teams.

Introduced in 2016 as part of Taboola’s platform for publishers, Taboola Newsroom provides unique insights, sourced from Taboola’s dataset of 1.4 billion users each month, which inform how to create more engaging content and discover new coverage areas that drive loyal readership. With it, publisher teams can easily A/B test headlines and images, measure article performance, and receive actionable alerts tailored to their specific role as well. 

“At a time when digital readership continues to evolve and walled gardens have made it difficult to operate, Taboola Newsroom is a big investment we’ve made, over four years, to empower editorial teams with actionable data, and as of today, provide a way to also look at subscribers or candidates to subscribe,” said Adam Singolda, CEO and Founder, Taboola. “Since introducing Newsroom, our goal has always been to support quality journalism by allowing publishers to stay in touch with their readers, even beyond their own website, taking advantage of Taboola’s scale. Newsroom is helping publisher’s future-proof themselves with insights that inform the content that drive the best editorial goal -- whether it’s more readership or increasing subscriptions or loyalty.” 

"The purpose of using Taboola Newsroom is to ensure that we get to know what our users want from us,” said Priyarag Verma, Digital Editor, Zee News and DNA India. “We’re able to track what they are reading and why they are reading it, to ensure that we are able to provide the same kind of coverage to our readers as our competitors. We actively use Taboola Newsroom metrics about articles being read more, or outperforming in their position, to keep such articles in those positions on the homepage for the maximum duration possible." 


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