Taproot India launches 'SquareRoot Design'

The definition of advertising and marketing is changing , o is the definition of mediums be it tvc, print or design, they have to blend in very well to push the brand in the new age market, each medium is depended on the other for the impact of the brand, that's the reality today where design have started playing a major in India as well.

Design is relatively new compared to other mediums in our country, brands have discovered the need of great design at every consumer interface, There is a great need of design and aesthetics while keeping the brand philosophy in mind in a clutter and massive market like ours.

Taproot India has grown to be one of the upcoming creative agencies in India today, For last one year or so we have been toying around and have been taking good amount of design projects and clients on board, only when we felt we are ready today to launch a new vertical we have decided to announced,  we have a great set up right sets of people from design and strategy as well,

Sammer Asth who has recently joined Taproot India as Head of Business and strategy, will be involved in SquareRoot Design as well, as he has spend some time in design houses as well
This will be fronted by Santosh Padhi and Agnello Dias along with Sameer who will take care of the strategy.

Like the philosophy of Taproot in design too, Two or at least one, out of Three senior guys will be directly involved in the each and every thing that comes out of this unit.

SquareRoot Design, a brand consultancy focused on multiplying your brand & business growth. Because what we define should keep your brand alive for years to come. Give your brand enough opportunities to leverage. With an eclectic mix of exciting experiences, nurture a loyal audience.

From defining a path to growth to creating a name, nomenclature, verbal & visual language, packaging, tangible retail engagement and viral content for the virtual world. SquareRoot Design combines intuitive force to achieve objective growth. Applies behavioral insight to create a world of meaningful brand rituals. Grooms consumer communities for cultural action.

Over the last few months of undercover existence; SquareRoot Design, has squared with strengths of PepsiCo to launch Atom, Marico for SetWet Deo's and Gel's, Kik Cola for Sri Lanka and Sanjeev Kaproor's  range of Khazana products.


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