TATA CLiQ adds a twist to work-from-home blues

The nation-wide lockdown has forced a huge majority of the country's workforce to turn their homes into their new workplace. Over the last three months, many working professionals have gone through a gamut of emotions, ranging from enjoying the comforts of home to missing the familiarity and companionship of their offices. TATA CLiQ in collaboration with Social Beat, India’s fastest-growing independent digital marketing agency, has launched a campaign that taps into this feeling of longing - but from a completely new angle! Rather than talking about how employees miss the office space, this campaign imagines the office space missing the employees. The end result is a quirky campaign that feels like chicken soup for the working-from-home soul.

The idea behind the campaign

The last few months have seen a barrage of ads and videos about how employees are adapting to working from home and what they miss most about their workplace. But to stand out from the crowd, TATA CLiQ and Social Beat decided to do things a little differently. “With a very specific brief and an objective to strike a genuine bond with the office-goers, we thought to ourselves what do we miss most about the office? What makes it click? This led us to think: It’s not the coffee machine or the lunch table, but rather the conversations around that coffee machine or the people we enjoy our coffee with. This campaign is an endearing reminder to the 'now-at-home office-goers' that what they miss the most about is the 'people' and just as much as you do, so does the office.”, explains Panisa Shah, Creative Head at Social Beat. Thus #YouMadeItCLiQ was born. A campaign of the Office, by the Office for its beloved employees. The narrative of the campaign film focuses on the perspective of different inanimate objects from the office, telling their people, "You made office click!"

Strategizing the campaign

With a majority of Tata CLiQ demographic being young professionals, the campaign was launched on Instagram, followed by Facebook & YouTube to reach the millennial audience. To increase engagement, Social Beat and TATA CLiQ launched a series of AR filters that would bring the concept of the campaign to life. The AR filters on Instagram allow users to tag the one office friend that they miss the most. The filter gives out funny questions every time someone uses it and the user can then tag a friend that it reminds them of the most. "One of our main goals behind this campaign was to encourage engagement among our audience. All of us are experiencing this phenomenon of working from home for the first time together. Because of this, we wanted the campaign to resonate with our audience so that they could share their experiences too. The long chain of UGC content that our AR filters sparked instantly 'CLiQ-ed with our young audience,' explains Lavanya Thota, Social Media Manager of TATA CLiQ.

Reception of the campaign

The video is currently being amplified on Instagram and Facebook where it has reached nearly 3.9 million young millennials, achieved 6.4 million impressions, 2.7 million engagements, quarter-million video views, and nearly 5000 filter captures.

This viral campaign was an endearing effort by Tata CLiQ to connect with now-at-home office goers. Having been cooped up at home for over two months, people are yearning to be in the workplace and have struck a poignant chord with the precious moments at work with their colleagues. Their hearts reach out to reminisce those jokes by the coffee machine and complain in the lounge on a Monday morning. Tata CLiQ and Social Beat through this campaign have brought out the office nostalgia in everyone, making all of us want to quickly get back to the office more than ever now!


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