Tata DoCoMo's Pushkar Jain on 'Bhalai Ki Supply'

Tata DoCoMo has launched various campaigns in the past but their recent campaign ‘Bhalai Ki Supply’ has won five metals at the ABBYs and was highly appreciated at the Goafest 2015 at the same time it has also touched a chord with today’s youth. This campaign focuses on life’s reality and showcases product that connect with the audience.

Tata DoCoMo not only caters to the need of today’s youth but it has also gained traction with older TG. The aim of the brand is to bring fresh content, look and feel to newer audience in today’s time by espousing stories in such a manner which other brands do not dare to tell and to be refreshingly different.

Adgully caught up with Pushkar Jain, Head Brand Marketing, Tata Teleservices Limited, on his vision behind this campaign and new initiatives for the future brand. Edited Excerpts:

Adgully (AG): What was the vision behind the campaign?

Pushkar Jain (PJ): Since the social media and internet are exploding, internet has become a medium of sharing or communicating for today’s youth, The ‘Bhalai Ki Supply’ campaign was done in keeping this reality. The cries for attention for a selfie queen or the dance of slavery by a boardroom executive were attempts in creating a unique visual language with phrases like ‘atma ke armpits tak tapakta pasina’ or ‘ek like toh de do baba’ brought a smile and unique brand language as an assets.

AD: How does it feel to be appreciated on your work?

PJ: The accolades belong to the team, especially our agency team from Contract. If you go to our Facebook/YouTube page and read the kinds of comment people have made – they are in love with the new lingo of the brand and the idea of ‘Bhalai Ki supply’ it confirms the notion that advertising doesn’t always mirror how people are acting but how they are dreaming.

AD: Which agency has worked on the campaign? What was the brief given to them?

PJ: Our creative agency partner is Contract Advertising. Backed by a set of innovative products with generous loading of data, Contract’s challenge was to come to a sharp, yet relevant life expression that fit in seamlessly with the product offer. The campaign also builds in the core & eternal human insight of how a joke, a poke or a message from another fellow human being becomes a source of joy and happiness.

AD: In the last six months, what has been the response to this campaign?

PJ: The ad series has been highly successful and much appreciated. It was exceedingly appreciated at the Goafest this year where it received five creative ABBY awards- two Gold’s for its films on Snowball and Falooda and two Silvers for its film on Selfiesh and Poser. The company also won a Bronze award for its Integrated Advertising.The phrase ‘chalo rakho Bhalai Ki supply’ gaining organic traction on social media, becoming shorthand for online sharing. It also received positive feedback in the digital space amongst Tata DoCoMo’s 14 million-strong online community.

AD: What initiative would you like to showcase in your next campaign?

PJ: A brand should maintain right balance of creating buzz yet be distinct enough to create relevant and personal appeal for them. It is about developing a personal connect with a brand offer that at one end amplifies their personality and at the same time caters to their needs in a more personalised manner. It follows a two pronged approach- to build a right brand attitude and other is development of innovative products.

AD: What kind of work should we expect from your brand in the future?

PJ: The year 2014 has seen a fresh burst of energy and momentum, and knowing how to connect with the youth- mixing contemporary trends with eternal human insights. . In 2015 we working even harder to build on this momentum and continue sharpening the distinctive maverick edge of the brand. 



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