Tata Mutual Fund launches “Self-Belief is the Greatest Investment” campaign

Tata Mutual Fund ushers in FY-22, with a mint fresh Brand Campaign, which anchors on the power of self-belief. The campaign inspires from the resilience and self-belief mankind has shown at the back of a tough pandemic year. In good times and otherwise, it is self-belief that takes each of us towards our achievements and resolutions to ease us to the next milestone.

Self-Belief is a Universal hinge.
The campaign stays away from narrow casting the story into a product or a company led proposition, and aligns it with a larger, universal emotion, that of self-belief. Its an emotion that needs to be nourished, nurtured and invested in. In retrospect, from vantage points, it turns out to be the best
investment of our lifetimes. The narrative also draws from the lineage of Tata Mutual Fund, which is a rich 150 year old treatise of self-belief, ability to persevere and celebrate the contribution of millions of people to make a better world.

Velocity for Self-Worth.
As a society, India has been shaped by values that encourage to ‘live within our means”. Being risk- averse and debt free had been the markers of self-worth. Today, as a nation, we are all seeking an escape velocity for a better station in life and opportunities to add to our wealth.

Young India – the chief protagonist.
The film revolves around a young India represented by its youth, its women, is families, etc. all trying to seeking an escape velocity for a better station in life and opportunities to add to their well-being and wealth. The protagonists could be anyone of us from any part of the country, with gentle yet firm resolve to dream big and work towards it.

Personifying Self-Belief
 The language of this creed of self-believers distinctly demarcates less and more:-
1. less question marks and more answers
2.not how or when, but, consider it done
3. maybe, what-if, but….are all meaningless
4. where no-ways becomes new-ways
5. an idea preceded with BIG, #always!

Where can you find Self-Belief?
To ensure adequate reach to three key constituents – investors, corporates and channel partners, of the Mutual Fund Industry, Tata Mutual Fund has focused on news and business news as key vehicles to deliver their message of self-belief. The company will extend the core idea across life-stage solutions and specific funds.

“We wanted to create a story with a distinct persona that brings together our group’s core ideology, our approach to running our business and a universal thread that can cut across gender, age, geography or life-stage. The commercial narrates the story of an aspiring nation, inspiring people to invest in themselves. We now have a universal plank that will resonate with all constituents – Investors, Corporates and Channel Partners across the globe. For self-belief belongs to everyone, that’s the nudge our brand attempts to give audiences. We do hope that an idea, that is a way of life for everyone will cut across our B2B, B2B2C and B2C audience pool. Going further, all our communication – brand, fund, partner and employee, will echo the power of Khud Pe VIshwaas, which is the biggest ever investment one can make and it can power many a dream. And full credit to our agency partners Grey India, for capturing the sentiment and the mood in a contemporary pacy manner.” said, M.V.S.Murthy, Head –
Marketing, Digital and Corp Comm, Tata Asset Management Limited.


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