Teacher's Day Special: Three Life Lessons that "3 Idiots" taught us

3 Idiots is one such film that we can't get tired of even if we watch it the 100th time! That's the magic of the film's spectacular characters, its emotional connect, strong social message and foot-tapping music. No matter how old you get, the film has taught us life lessons that would stay with us forever. This Teacher’s Day relive the charm let pure entertainment teach you some nice lessons in a humorous way. Catch the film on 5th September at 8 PM only on Sony MAX.

Let us look at the few lessons that the film taught us:

Kehna Kya Chahte Ho

Legendary actor Achyut Potdar who plays the role of a professor might have played a small role in the movie, but it was significant nevertheless. His interaction with Rancho over a simple definition of “machine” stresses how we usually tend to complicate certain things and concepts in life. There's always an easy way out, All Izz Well! 

Life is not a race

The film throws light on the passion while pointing out that "Life isn't a race". We all should go at our pace and do not thrive to compete with others. Our biggest competition is with the self and not with the people around us. No matter how occupied we are, we should always try to borrow time to fulfil our passion and live for our dreams.

Designation doesnt matter, happiness does

The film's climax is probably one of the best climax scenes in any Bollywood movie's. The scene has the power to make you laugh while also simultaneously leaving you teary-eyed. More significantly, the scene inspires us to believe one thing - it doesn't matter where you work, whether you are a scientist, a businessman or a school teacher, you should be happy with what you are doing. Your success is not necessarily another person's failure.

No need for textbooks, just get your remote to tune in to 3 Idiots on 5th September at 8 PM only on Sony MAX


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