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Technology and Sports Is Going to Change the Face of Indian Television

Sportsmanship in India has grown by well over 14% and it would also seem that it’s now really taking off. The use of technology has enabled off-season games and even non-live streams to be shown and it’s also possible to now show locker room scenes too. This could easily change the entire face of Indian sports as we know it.

According to Vinit Karnik, who is the business head of ESP Properties, it looks like two things are going to change the face of Indian sports. The first thing is technology and the way that it is used. It’s really going to bridge the gap between stakeholders. If you are able to help someone to watch sports at home and then have someone else watching it in the stadium, it bridges a gap. You can then also allow people to watch that same sport on the move as well, which will really help to enhance the viewer experience overall. The second trend which Karnik mentioned actually relates to anything that happens in the off-season or non-live sports.

The Changing Scene of Sports

Technology has already changed quite a lot in the sports industry. It’s now possible for you to place football bets through sites such as ComeOn in addition to being able to enjoy live casino games online from anywhere there is a live internet connection which you can access. This makes for some very interesting content, but to spice things up even more, it would seem that it is now possible for people to stream off-season games too. India is not too mature in this segment, but a lot of people believe that IPL teams are going to be profitable this year. There’s also going to be a huge focus on non-live content as well. ESP Properties who are the sports arm of SportzPower as well as GroupM have stated that there’s also going to be a boost in sports sponsorship in India too.

The Report

The report really does highlight the fact that the sponsorship has grown by a total of 14% in 2017 alone, but it would seem that media investments have contributed to this overall. Media spending is up 55% and this is of course, followed by ground sponsorships. Sports advertising has risen even more, and this is a substantial leap to say the least, when you look at the previous year. In fact, 2017 was the main milestone year in sports and when you see the US billion-dollar mark you will soon find that it has been crossed for the very first time. This is significant to say the least because at the end of the day, they are a 10-year old economy and it was actually IPL who have shown people the way and it also indicates how the ecosystem could grow as a result. 10 Premier Leagues have now been created and people believe that they need to now stand tall and celebrate this number.  After all, they have come so far and they deserve to be recognised.


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