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Tete`-a- tete with Woodland's Harkirat Singh

Woodland, the popular footwear brand originated in Quebec, Canada . It stands for eco friendliness, adventures, outdoor activities and  rugged look and was launched in India in 80’s and 90’s. Harkirat Singh, Managing Director, Woodland who believes in engaging customers’ real time has evolved the brand a lot since its inception. He has over 21 years of working experience with the brand in terms of marketing and has been deeply involved in the success story of his company. An adventurous man himself, he loves traveling and exploring new places and that’s what the brand Woodland is all about. It’s about feeling the richness of the forest, the emptiness of the desert, the might of the rivers and the majesty of the mountains. Woodland’s tree logo is also quite synonymous with adventure.

Your favourites from the industry - Friends and/or Competitors/company: Woodland (laughs) but there are many companies that I admire.

TV show you love watching: Roadies

Favourite books / magazines: I love reading Travel magazines and books: The Speaking Tree.

Food that you do not mind indulging in sinfully: Thai Food

How do you unwind on weekends: Go on small treks.

What would be the three things that you will not leave your house without: My ipad, my blackberry and my diary.

Any particular gadget that you are eyeing on and want to buy or get your hands on: At the earliest might go in for iphone 5 but still skeptical.

Favourite getaway destinations: Jim Corbett (closest)

Your strength and weakness: Strength is that I am really determined and weakness is that I am…..

Perfect happiness for you is: Out in nature

Any luxury item that you want to indulge in as soon as possible: I am eyeing a mountain bicycle and I might indulge in buying that.

Favorite vehicle (Car/bike/etc): My Bentley but I love Toyota Fortuner too.

What has been your best film- Bollywood or Hollywood: Gangs of Wasseypur and 3 Idiots.

Your greatest extravagance: Skip it!

Left alone on an island, 3 things you would want to be with you: A tent, my water and sunscreen (laughs)| As told to Aanchal Kohli [aanchal(at)]  


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