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The Best Online Games Made in India

India has begun to expand and experiment in the world of gaming. While many countries have developed mobile games, they haven’t taken the leap into mass-producing PC or console games. 

Many popular games have been made in India that are famous in their home country but haven’t reached a global audience just yet. Here are the best made-in-India games you should try right now. 

Real Cricket 

Real Cricket brings excitement and tension into the virtual world; with over 1.2 million reviews and a rating of 4.2/5, Real Cricket is the most popular cricket game on the market. You can play as your favorite team and play multiple modes. 

There are also multiple tournaments to choose from, including the World Cup, the World Test Championship, the Asia Cup, Champions Cup, Masters Cup, U19 World Cup, and the Cricket Premier League. Real Cricket has everything the die-hard and casual cricket fan could want. 

Indian Airforce: A Cut Above

Released in 2019, Indian Airforce: A Cut Above is designed to give the player the experience of flying elite fighter jets. Players can take control of the Mirage 2000, the Rafale, the MI-17 V5 Helicopter, and four other aircraft. 

The game has three modes that teach you the intricacies of flying, such as landing, take-off, using the landing gear, communicating with air traffic control, and target hitting. The game was endorsed by the Vice Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshall Harjit Singh Arora. 

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands 

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands is a simulation game where you are in control of an encampment where you need to gather resources, build buildings and defenses, and survive attacks by violent monsters at night. 

There is a large strategy element to the game as players need to make decisions such as hiring more farmers to produce more food or hiring more soldiers to protect their settlement. It is the perfect combination of idle simulation and city management. 

Silly World

Silly World is a combination of Among Us and Squid Game and sees 12 players pitted against each other in four different game modes. These modes are Jailbreak, Murder Mystery, Hide and Seek, and Battle Royale. 

Jailbreak sees you play as a cop or inmate, and you either have to escape or stop escapees. Hide and Seek is a mode where one “devil” must hunt down the rest of the players. Murder Mystery sees you try to solve a crime, and Battle Royale mode is everyone for themselves. 

Alter Army 

Alter Army sees you play as one of the last remaining people on earth. You have to battle against and destroy hundreds of monsters and Bosses as you fight to take control of the very scarce resources that are left. 

You have access to high-tech weaponry to help you in your fight. The game also has a dynamic difficulty setting, over 50 different monsters, bosses, and defeat, and the PC version is free-to-play. 

Antariksha Sanchar: Transmissions in Space 

Antariksha Sanchar is a science-fiction point-and-click game that is based on the cultural history of South India. The simple graphics and mechanics of the game add to its truly unique charm. 

Based in a temple town in the 1920s, the game’s protagonists are inspired by mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan and Indian classical dancer Jayalakshmi Eshwar. The game is one-of-a-kind and is a brilliant twist on point-and-click games. 

Raji: An Ancient Epic 

There are so many games that take inspiration from Roman, Greek, and Norse mythology; we forget that there are more interesting ones to learn about. An Ancient Epic follows a young circus performer and her brother. 

The brother gets abducted after demons attack the carnival, and you, Raji, need to go on a quest to find him and defeat the monsters. As mentioned, the game has massive elements from Hindu legend and is a must-play for any mythology lover. 

Missing: The Complete Saga

Missing: The Complete Saga is a 3D adventure/life simulator. You take on the role of a young girl in a village, who has an inventory, and you have access to a skill tree to build up your skills and what you can do. 

You then explore your village, doing tasks that are set daily and change all the time. You also grow up as you play, gaining new skills along the way. You can also do side-tasks that will get you items and more experience. 

The Last Train 

The Last Train is a survival/adventure game where you play as the last train driver in post-World War 2 USA. The game is set within an alternate history and aims to tell how war affects citizens, not the soldiers who fought. 

The game also lets you decide the story. Will you use your train to reunite families, or will you use it to save the terminally ill and vulnerable? You can also become greedy and use your train to gather all the resources for yourself quickly. The path you choose will determine how the story unfolds. 

Gamedev Beatdown 

Gamedev Beatdown is a game that allows you to pay as a game developer. Take on the role of a team member and battle. If you win, your suggestions will be the ones that are implemented into the game you and your team are developing. 

There is also a tier system as you start by developing and releasing arcade-style games, and then work your way up to being the lead developer for AAA gaming titles. The game is short, but it is fun and addictive in many ways. 

Final thoughts

As you can see, India is quickly becoming a nation that wants to be seen as a powerhouse in the gaming world. While many popular games may be pretty straightforward, a number are highly detailed and can compete with some of the best in the world. It is only a matter of time before some of the biggest AAA gaming titles are developed and released in India. 



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