The broad trend is positive, but there might be some turbulence in 2023: Arun Narayan

The holiday season is all about keeping it stylish, colourful and top-notch. Resonating this festive cheer, Tanishq has launched a vibrant jewellery collection, ‘Colour Me Joy - The Carnival Edit’.

In conversation with Adgully, Arun Narayan, VP – Category, Marketing & Retail, Tanishq, Titan Company, speaks at length about the campaign, the year gone by and expectations from 2023.

Speaking about the Colour Me Joy campaign, Arun Narayan said, “Colour me joy was first time endeavored last year, same time and the way we look at the diamond and gemstone category is that there is a need for innovation and there is a need for coming up with different looks that in a sense presents the future directions, but also gives women different ways of wearing diamonds and gemstones, there is a bit of leap of faith there which is exploratory and breaking new grounds, it may have a factor of success, but it's something that as a market leader we need to do. Last year when we did it, it was our first time and we got an extremely good response and when we started we thought that it might be only the metro cities but we got a fantastic response across the industry. Colour me joy is now a platform and every year we will bring out a new edit which pushes our boundaries and helps us to launch collections which are unconventional.”

Commenting on the launches that Tanishq did in 2022, he said, “This year, we did two things – first is that we had a new collection every third month, which we used to do earlier as well, but this year we focused more on the design and we pushed the envelope on presenting it in a more impactful way.”

Narayan further added, “Post COVID, our learnings have been that people want to get back to normalcy-plus and not just normalcy, and we have all learnt that there is no tomorrow, if you want to do it, do it today. That being said, if we have to launch something that is cutting edge, then launch today. Fortunately, I’m thankful to our well wishers and customers who have responded to each collection extremely well, that has kind of given us the encouragement to come back with something bigger and better next time.”

Speaking about the media mix, he said, “The Colour Me Joy campaign is already out across media and there is some content that we will launch on digital shortly. As a brand we have been present in both traditional and emerging media and that is the way that we will look for most campaigns and the year going ahead. There might be some campaigns which may be skewed to one media based on the profile of the audience. The media for color me joy may be tilted a little bit towards digital, but there are so many other campaigns which are focusing on traditional media.”

About the year gone by, Narayan said, “It’s been a good year so far, but a little mixed, as some months were really good and some months were like a wet blanket, there wasn’t a clear pattern on whether things were going good or damp, but we are quite happy with the way things are going now.”

On the upcoming year, he said, “We are getting a lot of mixed signals. I think the broad trend is positive, but within this broad trend there might be some turbulence here and there, so we have to be ready for the turbulence, but at the same time, take an optimistic view of the years ahead.”


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