The CEO With A Difference

What comes to mind when you picture the CEO of one of the fastest-growing marketing agencies in India today? You might think they are fiercely pragmatic, utterly business-like, politically correct and full of aggression. Right?

With that as the common observation, RepIndia’s founder CEO Ayesha Chenoy is like a fresh wave of positive vibes. Ayesha exudes honesty, positivity, and open-mindedness which show that she’s a CEO with a difference.

What makes Ayesha different from others? It is her keen sensitivity to issues relevant to our society at large without losing sight of the vision she has for RepIndia. She has astute observations, which she expresses from time to time, boldly and eloquently through poetry and play of words. Indeed, she’s a very talented writer. And at the same time, she’s running one of the best digital marketing companies we have in the country today, founded by herself.

Ayesha actively participates in various social media platforms. Her Instagram posts are hugely popular: we get to see her profound and interesting perspectives on issues of social concern. She talks about the pertinent issues of equality, patriarchy, relationships and communal harmony, things which affect each one of us.

As she speaks directly from the heart and not as the cold, cynical or pragmatic CEO, she connects herself to the larger audience. That’s why her posts are well-liked and shared by known social media influencers. Her team at RepIndia fully supports her endeavors and they are happy and proud to work with her.

Ayesha says, “I don’t agree that a CEO must refrain from taking a stand on issues. I think it’s bad for society and it’s bad for them too. Apart from running a company, I am also a parent and a citizen of this country. So, I’ve got to answer some difficult questions for my sons and take the bull by its horns. There’s no running away from it. It’ll chase you somewhere down the line.”

As a woman entrepreneur, Ayesha holds immense promise. She has a lot to give as a socially conscious CEO who wears many hats and dons many responsibilities with élan. More power to Ayesha and her ilk.


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