The Changing Face of Digital Marketing in the New Age: Sushil Matey

Authored by Sushil Matey, Director – Marketing, Livpure & CEO, Livpure Smart Homes

Digital marketing is first the thing which stands out as new age marketing medium. The media consumption patterns of today’s audience have drastically changed over the past few years. The average time spent by a user on mobile is 30% higher compared to any other media. The internet usage has been increasing 7% year on since 2017. Also, the customers now have become more aware and specific about what they are looking for, hence the marketing deliverables have to adapt basis the spectrum of online search space. With evolution of digital marketing, we have endless possibilities on the modes and mechanism of communication done by brands.

It is also more about interacting with different types of audience today since it helps in developing the business and channelizing the campaigns and initiatives much easier. Compared to traditional marketing which generally focuses on reach and broad TG, digital marketing is effective and targets the audience sharply apart from being cost effective.

The biggest game changer from the past has been how the users are consuming content made available to them. The screen time of each and every consumer has increased manifold.  Keeping that in mind, advertising professionals and marketers are also merging their strategies to take advantage of this. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn etc. which were meant for personal communication are now an important part of marketing, as they have also become the places where consumers find out the latest news, trends and insights.

The above fact is reflected in various reports stating that there are 5.11 billion unique mobile users in the world today, up 2 percent over last year and 4.39 billion internet users in 2019, an increase of 9 percent since January 2018.

There are 3.48 billion social media accounts today, and has grown by 9 percent over last year.  And most importantly, 3.26 billion people use social media on mobile devices and that’s the biggest game changer!

The top three digital marketing channels used by brands are social media marketing, website and email marketing. Digital marketing has the potential to change the perception of the consumers by creating meaningful content and thereby create engagement in a cost which is reasonably smaller than traditional marketing tools.

The new age consumer is someone who is always on the move. Internet is now entwined with everything consumers do and hence digital marketing is gaining big time traction. 

With the advent of technologies almost every day, with a new app or website getting launched almost every alternate day, the power that digital holds is growing at a supersonic speed.

It is measurable, flexible, gives room to creative storytelling, and most importantly, easy on the marketers pocket.

Digital marketing has thus, now become an integral part of every brand and business and it is definitely here to stay!

Mr. Matey, a professional who has managed business across Consumer Durables, Lifestyle Products, Automotive and e-commerce industry across brands has rich working knowledge in Brand Marketing, Product Management, Sales, Market Research, Media Management, Communication development, Project Management, and e-commerce. He has demonstrated exceptional abilities in conceptualizing, planning and executing sales and marketing strategies for augmenting revenues, profitability and gain market shares for various top brands and products.

He is currently heading Marketing as a Director with Livpure, a leading RO water/air purifier and is the CEO of Livpure Smart Homes apart from being a board member of “Lock the Deal “- a b2b ecommerce company.


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