The English Nut Vs Dr Shashi Tharoor – who gets the word edgeways?

Sumanto Chattopadhyay, aka The English Nut, is as obsessed with the language as Dr Shashi Tharoor, whom Chattopadhyay calls “the Big Daddy of all English nuts”. And when the two converse, it becomes a profound and witty lesson in linguistics. One that is chock-full of observations about English. You can watch it for the learnings, or simply enjoy the banter. The video is so entertaining, it is no surprise that it got a million views in a day on Brut.

In the 14-minute episode, Dr Tharoor introduces a ‘new’ word, revisits old favourites like ‘snollygoster’, talks about English words like ‘cash’, which are ‘looted’ from India, words like ‘brinjal’ that are used uniquely in India, a Malayalam word that ought to be in English and so much more. Meanwhile, The English Nut introduces Dr Tharoor to a ‘Benglish’ word and theorises that Indian English will take over the world.

The English Nut, who is on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, creates weekly videos on the nuances of English. His objective is to introduce people to the finer points of the language while keeping them entertained. As he says, ‘English is nuts. And I’m nuts about English’.

Sumanto Chattopadhyay, The English Nut, is also the chairman and chief creative officer of 82.5 Communications, a part of the Ogilvy Group and WPP. This social media endeavour is his labour of love.


The English Nut: Sumanto Chattopadhyay

Director: Priyank Bengali

Executive Producer: Jay Morzaria

Series Creative Director: Mayur Varma


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