The Flipside of India's Trending Hashtags

New day, new trend, new hashtag. Using hashtags to participate in trending conversations has become a way of life for the always-connected millennials. From #FollowMeTo to #OnTheTable, picturesque projects are now as common as the chai shop around the corner. Come World Photography Day, Canon India decided to start a photo project of their own. Sparking conversations, #ShiftYourFocus is a series that shows the flipside of popular community hashtags and captures the unnoticed societal issues in our lives. Canon India photographers took on the challenge and set out on a journey to photograph these realities.

Art has always been a powerful tool to focus on the details that often get lost in the background of our lives. Evoking a sense of responsibility and awareness among the future of the country, Canon India urges millennials to zoom into the big little details. To go beyond their realities that are limited to the realm of bytes and codes; because in a world full of breathtaking photos and social media feeds, do we really focus on what’s real and what’s digital?

This World Photography Day, #ShiftYourFocus with Canon India.

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