The Instagram push for brands: 2 case studies on how to get the strategy right

The Instagram has emerged as a powerful weapon in a marketer’s arsenal is a known fact. Recent campaigns by PepsiCo’s Lay’s and Scoopski, a relatively new and quirky cookie dough brand, showcase how Instagram is being used innovatively to create hugely engaging campaigns.

Case Study: Scoopski

Scoopski makes edible cookie dough that can be eaten straight from the jar or can be baked too. Placing themselves as a household staple, due to the versatility of the product, they have created a niche for themselves. Their first mode of marketing was Instagram and focused more on ad posts. 

Vedika Tibrewal, Founder, Scoopski, says, "We've found that Instagram is much more engaging as a platform. We get much more engagement on our posts and our page than on Facebook."

Vedika Tibrewal, Founder, Scoopski
Vedika Tibrewal, Founder, Scoopski

The beautiful images and quirky packaging of their products fit their Instagram profile perfectly and hence, is a perfect match for this platform. Tibrewal further says that gaining organic was a big task on Instagram and they grew slowly, but with quality. She also says that the quality of pictures is vital on a platform like Instagram. The platform fits Scoopski perfectly and hence, is their primary source of sales. 

As a tip to using Instagram effectively, Tibrewal emphasises on the quality of the post along with consistency. She also says that the ad graphics and post graphics should be different and ads should keep on changing to attract the customer. Captions, too, should be according to the TG the post is for. 

Let’s look at another brand – Lay’s, one of the older and much bigger brands. We will focus on their recent ‘Smile Deke Dekho’ campaign as a case study.

Case Study: Lay’s Smile Deke Dekho Campaign

As a part of their latest campaign, Lay’s conducted an influencer outreach program on social media, wherein they reached out to more than 750 influencers sharing Lay’s Smile Deke Dekho packages with them. We reached out to Sonam Vij, Senior Manager, Lay’s India, to get a deeper insight on their campaign.

The objective                                                                                                                 

Smiles are a universal language and are of different types around the world. Vij says, “Globally, Lay’s has always been the perfect companion for every celebration and good times with friends. With its flavours and taste, it has paved its way into the hearts of its consumers over the years for every moment, small or big.”

Sonam Vij, Sr.Manager, Brand LAY's TM
Sonam Vij, Sr.Manager, Brand LAY's TM

She further adds, “Being on a mission to provide a joyful interruption from busy days, Lay’s has always brought smiles to consumers across the countries. Lay’s Smile Deke Dekho campaign is yet another effort from our end to further connect with our consumers through new and innovative brand storytelling and packaging. For a limited time, we have released 24 specially designed bags featuring infectious smiles of real people making a difference in people’s lives and bring joy to society at large.”

Being mainly a youth-oriented brand. Lay’s has focused on the 18-24 age group for this campaign.

The engagement

From an engagement perspective, Lay’s encouraged consumers to share stories with their Smile Packets along with the #SmileDekeDekho on social media. This increased engagement also helped the campaign trend as more people joined in with this hashtag.

The challenge

On the challenges faced, Vij says, “Since it was a mass influencer outreach, we had decided to produce personalised packs of Lay’s featuring the smiles of influencers that were sent out to them. We collated a number of pictures from influencers across genres to be printed on Lay’s packs. It was quite an interesting exercise for us as well, where we mapped each influencer’s smile and matched it to our various flavour variants.” She claims that the campaign generated 70 million impressions across platforms in four days.

The strategy

The strategy focused on influencers to reach out to the masses. “We took a digital-first approach and reached out to a massive pool of influencers with personalised packs of Lay’s featuring their smiles and creating a money-can’t-buy delightful moment for them. The social media storm was planned a couple of days before the ads, leading up to mass visibility across the country,” says Vij.

The results

The campaign generated a lot of buzz amongst influencers and consumers as all of them posted several pictures and stories regarding the campaign and the new packaging. As mentioned, it generated 70 million impressions across platforms in four days.

Instagram is the way to go

Instagram as a platform is one of the best stages for brands that have visually appealing products. The platform allows them to cash in on unique storytelling. Every brand – ranging from media houses and luxury brands to FMCG products – have created a niche of their own and are leveraging Instagram for their businesses. Still, marketers often wonder whether Instagram can be an effective social media platform for their brand. The following stats would put their doubts to rest.

According to a recent study

The above stats definitely convey the fact that a high percentage of the sale inverted pyramid can be done with potential customers even before them stepping into stores. However, does the vigour of big brands match that of the digital platforms like Instagram?

Instagram has grown tremendously over the years and today is far more than just a platform for people to put up holiday pictures. The platforms appeals to all sorts of influencers, advertisers and brands. 

With 1 billion monthly active users (Source:TechCrunch), Instagram is the second most engaging social network after Facebook. Also, 75 per cent of its users are below 35 (Source:Emarketer), which shows that the platform is perfect to target young adults as potential customers. 

Also, according to a Facebook report, 83 per cent of Instagrammers discover new products and services on Instagram. 

This makes Instagram one the most happening and efficient platforms for brands and they should definitely look into the platform and take it more seriously... if they haven't already. 


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