The magic of Rediffusion WHO! on Sugar Free Natura

The digital and design arm of Rediffusion Y&R, WHO! has worked its magic on Sugar Free Natura in a consumer engagement initiative, "Step-o-meter'. The "Step-o-meter' is a mobile application which calculates the amount of calories burnt according to user customised parameters like age and gender.

The "Step-o-meter' was launched as part of a bigger campaign conceptualized by Rediffusion Y&R for Sugar Free Natura. The campaign aptly named "STEP TO FITNESS' incorporates the idea of fitness through the tagline - Take your first step to fitness "Use the Stairs". The idea is effective and implementable because neither does it require any big commitments or particular fitness regime nor does it force people to change their daily routine. All that one has to do is to use the stairs instead of the elevator.

The application is a mobile widget which uses the accelerometer function in smart phones and the iPhone to calculate the number of steps taken, average speed, calories burnt and distance travelled by the user every day. The act of taking the stairs is thus rewarded by knowledge of the exact number of calories burnt based on customised user data which is also synced to their social networks. This not only acts as a great social motivator because friends are encouraged to download the widget and literally step up the competition, but also acts as a great promotion tool.

The challenge for the application is to convert users from "Fitness Thinkers' to "Fitness Doers'. The Step-o-meter is also an ideal platform for brand - consumer engagement, because it enables Sugar Free as a brand to blend into the space of "Step to Fitness' in the consumers mind while simultaneously encouraging the concept of healthier living through an active lifestyle. What sets this application apart is its simplicity and effectiveness, because of which it fits effortlessly into anyone's daily routine.

The Step-o-meter is currently available for free download for the iphone, the symbian and the android phones (though iTunes and also through the website)

Speaking about the application, Rachana Dharia, Head of Business, Digital, Rediffusion WHO! said, "We at Rediffusion WHO! believe in active consumer engagements. The application beautifully focuses in on the central theme of Sugar Free Natura, which is to enable people from being just "Fitness Thinkers' to "Fitness Doers' through the inculcation of healthier habits like using the stairs instead of the escalator and walking wherever possible. The success of the application is a reflection of the fact that utility creates a bigger brand recall as the user connects with the brand every day. We plan to draw intelligence from the usage data to give the consumer a personalized extension of the application."

Commenting on the application, Ashutosh Karkhanis Creative Head, Design & Digital, Rediffusion WHO! , says "Though everyone today wishes and intends to be fit, their hectic lifestyle does not allow for the same. We thought of a fitness app that fits seamlessly into people's life, becomes a part of their daily fitness routine without making an effort. The ability to share your fitness data with friends on social networks encourages and motivates the user."

WHO! Is also credited for the success stories of FICCI (identity revamp), Rasna (Brand Portfolio & Packaging), ITC Classmates (Brand Portfolio & Packaging), Colors TV (Identity creation), Taj (Various Menus & Calendar 2011), Colgate (Various packaging) and more.


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