The Nine Perfect Strangers along with some titles on Amazon Prime Video

While the deluge of double taps and incessant scrolling on social media, are helping us stay connected  to the world at large, are we leaving behind our close ones at home in the process? Dive into the life of Oliver Twist as he attempts to reconnect with his growing sons in this increasingly disengaging world of technology in the Amazon Original Movie #Home. Written and directed by Rojin Thomas and produced by Vijay Babu, the film presents a versatile cast including Indrans and Sreenath Bhasi in the lead; along with Vijay Babu, Manju PillaiNaslen, Kainakary ThankarajKPAC LalithaSrikanth MuraliJohny AntonyPauly WilsonManiyan Pillai RajuAnoop MenonAju VargheseKiran AravindhakshanChithra and Priyanka Nair in pivotal roles. Follow #Home on the streaming service , starting 19th August.

What does transformation mean to you? To these Nine Perfect Strangers, it is a ten-day exotic retreat replete with luxe pampering, and inner revelations. With the stellar cast including  Nicole KidmanMelissa McCarthyLuke EvansManny JacintoTiffany Boone and Bobby Cannavale, the series is directed by Jonathan Levine. As each of the characters unveil their stories, their reasons to join the retreat become clearer and the truth harder to bear. Watch their unique journeys unfold on Amazon Prime Video, starting 20th August with the first three episodes. New episodes drop every week!

Amidst the dark swirls of a political storm, will humanity triumph over prejudice and hate? Directed by Manu WarrierKuruthi is a crime/revenge thriller political thriller that brings the dilemmas of human relations versus preconceived abhorrence at loggerheads. Starring the talented Prithviraj Sukumaran, along with Shine Tom ChackoMurali GopyRoshan MathewSrindaa and Nalsen K. Gafoor and written by Anish Pallyal, catch this riveting Malayalam film on August 11th only on Amazon Prime Video.


#HOME- 19th August 2021

Stuck in the online world, we often forget the ones sitting right beside us. This Malayalam family drama is the story of Oliver Twist, a technologically challenged father, who attempts to reconnect with his growing sons in this highly social media addicted world.

Nine Perfect Strangers - 20th August 2021

Nine stressed city dwellers visit a boutique health-and-wellness resort that promises healing and transformation. The resort's director is a woman on a mission to reinvigorate their tired minds and bodies.

Kuruthi - 11th August 2021

A socio-political thriller that explores the hardships involved in surviving waves of hatred and prejudice.


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