The power of the idea matters the most during campaigns: Ramanujam Sridhar

Digital has now become the lead medium for branding; as per McKinsey, Digital is pegged to be about 63% of the overall global ad spends in 2022. The rapid transition to digital has accentuated the need to leverage digital in an effective and intelligent manner. The online and digital category has disrupted marketing and there is a growing shift in consumer behavior in recent times. Therefore, more thought needs to be put into planning and crafting brand communication in order to get the maximum mileage.

Coming as a timely beacon in these challenging times is Adgully4m’s latest endeavour – THOUGHT LEADERSHIP SERIES, which is designed to engage with some of the best leaders from the industry in the business of Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations.

Thought leadership is, put simply, a way to build transparency and credibility with your audience as a resource and expertise in your chosen topic or industry. In a world massively disrupted by the global pandemic, thought leaders are whom the industry is looking up to, to provide some direction in charting out the road ahead.

Held on Saturday, December 18, 2021, the fifth edition of the Thought Leadership Series saw Ramanujam Sridhar, CEO, Brand-Com, sharing his perspective and valuable insights on how digital transformation has made brands to think differently and effectively in their communication, in a scintillating conversation with host R Sridhar, where he highlighted the interesting and relevant insights to get their messaging accurate while communicating about their brand to their audience. The warm camaraderie between the two industry leaders was evident throughout the conversation as the back and forth banter between the two kept the audience engaged.

On being asked by Sridhar about the challenges faced by Ramanujam Sridhar in cracking the difficult campaigns for its clients, Sridhar replied, “Talking about something which happened in the late 80’s, it was an interesting thought. Shave foam was a new concept at that point of time from a brand called Wilman, which got taken over by Gillette and others. Everything was finalised for the 10-second long commercial and the day of the shoot was two days from then. Suddenly, Balki, who was a young creative guy at that time, came up with a completely different idea. Just a day before the shoot, we had nearly 8 people in our office who landed in the client’s office and told him about the change in script, which he eventually agreed and the campaign won the best campaign award in New York. While creativity is all fine, but if we all believe as a group that this is the best that we can do for a brand, I think it makes a big difference.”

“Another example is from the world of public relations. I used to work for MindTree, where there was an amazingly savvy person named Subrato Bagchi who was a director; today he is doing a tremendous amount of work for the Government of Odisha. At that time, MindTree wanted to launch a small microprocessor. For the campaign, the client came up with the idea of putting a bindi on the model’s face and dressing her like a bride. Once that picture appeared on the front page, it was the most forwarded visual on that very day. This demonstrates that it is really the power of the idea which sees a seemingly small thing turn real large and goes viral and viral. In the earlier days, we didn’t really have the multiple digital mediums that are available to us today. The important thing for me is the power of the idea and how you are able to convince the client well with the idea,” Ramanujam Sridhar remarked.

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