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The Primary Features of the Prince2 Methodology

There are many training courses available in the world that differentiate one from the mass of others applying for a job. If someone is dedicated to advance their careers and land great jobs, they are always in the search of relevant training courses. Taking active steps that will progress one’s life should be normalized and done by all. People have different strengths and weaknesses from childhood. Understanding them and sharpening one’s strengths is the best way to thrive in a career. If you are in project management, the Prince2 foundation and practitioner course can be the one for you. If you are not familiar with it, we can help you understand what this course entails.

What is Prince2?

Project in Controlled Environments or PRINCE2 is a method of project management that helps in dividing larger projects into smaller sizes so the stages are more controllable and easier to manage. It is structured and also has a practitioner certification program. This method is widely adopted in several countries including many Western European countries, Australia, and the UK, and is available in many languages. It has a great demand throughout the world and getting a Prince2 certification online is as easy as it is beneficial.

Aspects of Prince2

Prince2 has six aspects which are also called performance goals or tolerances. These are considered during the decision-making processes. The six tolerance types are- Scope, Timescale, Risk, Risk, Quality, Benefits and Cost. Each of these tolerance types is maintained at a specific project level which is- Project Plan, Project Plan, Risk Management Approach, Project Product Description, Business Case, and Project Plan respectively.

Principles of Prince2

There are seven principles on which Prince2 is based. These principles are a set that collectively puts forth the mindset which helps in keeping the project aligned with the Prince2 methodology.

1.     Constant Business updating-

The most important document is the business case which needs to be updated with every step during the process. It ensures that the project is still viable and it may result in termination if there is a failure in this process.

2.     Learn from Experience-

A lessons log is maintained for every project and projects should refer to previous, concurrent as well as their own project log to not make the same mistakes.

3.     Defined Roles-

There are four levels of separate roles for individuals who may take a single role, multiple roles, and even share a role. The four roles are program or corporate management, project board, project manager, and team level.

4.     Stages-

The project is planned to go stage by stage and is controlled in stages as well.

5.     Manage-

 In Prince2 each project objective follows the six aspects that limit the authority of each stage.

6.     Products-

Prince2 focuses a lot on the delivery of products according to their qualitative requirements.

7.     Suit project environment-

 Prince2 is tailored in a way so that it suits the project environment- mainly the size,

importance, risk, time capability, and importance.

Prince2 certification online is very easily available and understanding these main features help with such courses. 


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