The traditional methods of consuming content are dead: Ayesha Chenoy

In our latest series – Talking Insights – this week we are turning the spotlight on how digital is moving in the fast lane and how brands are exploring it as an effective medium. The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation and today brands have no other option but to leverage the same to get the desired reach. Even in the case of online reputation for brands, digital has delivered and brands are looking at upping their budgets. Today, digital has become an integral part of brands’ overall media strategy. Digital is one of the most extensively used platforms and will continue to be the frontline medium for most brands as we move ahead, and spends on digital will only go up with more brands trusting digital.

To have a deeper understanding on what’s brewing in the digital space, Adgully spoke to Ayesha Chenoy, Founder, RepIndia, who shared some interesting insights and spelt out her thoughts on how digital is going to rule the marketing world.

The pandemic brought in digital acceleration and digital became the new medium for many brands. During these times how did you help clients to engage with their audience?  Did you also witness a first time digital client coming for advice?

2020 was a tough year for many clients, especially for brands who had delayed digital on-boarding in their organisation. Digital to its advantage has been a platform which has delivered better ROI for brands, and with everyone shut inside their homes, it gave an even better return. We managed some great campaigns for our clients on platforms they had not considered before, including Canon, Suzuki and Beardo. We also saw a huge influx of new business for many clients who were pushed on to digital – possibly a blessing in disguise for them!

Generating fresh content in digital and keeping the momentum is a challenge. How has RepIndia managed to continuously create new content for your clients for audience engagement?

RepIndia has excelled in creating a vibrant daily communication, and building brands ground up. To tap into the zeitgeist of culture, to stay relevant, and to talk to the consumers in a way that they relate to, has been our one true accolade. While other agencies we competed with often created massive stellar campaigns, we have been the ones also focussed on the everyday content that serves as the building blocks of one’s communication. A classic example is Sephora, who has been with us for more than 6 years now!

What are your learnings in 2020 when it comes to digital as a medium? What kind of new trends will you notice in the digital world as we move forward?

Our learnings are that the answer is always digital and technology. That the traditional methods of consuming content are dead. That the consumer is spending more and more time on social media, and purchasing is happening with an increased momentum online, and this year has catapulted the online shift! With TikTok running into issues, one has Instagram Reels pop up, and other similar platforms are beginning to rise.

Influencer Marketing is becoming an important marketing weapon for many marketers. How do you help clients drive growth and increase audience engagement leveraging Influencer Marketing?

We use influencers that are relevant for the type of brand we are promoting and the type of campaign. We are also of the belief that it is the idea and the messaging that should decide which influencer should be used, and this traditional PR method of providing lists of influencers without tying them into a broad communication purpose or idea is redundant.

The digital landscape is dynamic and innovative. How do you keep re-inventing yourself and differentiate your unique and core offerings to stay head of your competition?

Digital is one of the most extensively used platforms by users to express themselves. It is a reflection of user behaviour and the changes in users’ lives and environment. To remain relevant, we rely on these indications and keep evolving with the changes happening in the users’ lives. After all, a good digital strategy is one that the user finds relatable.


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