These 6 Bollywood Fashion trends are influencing the Indian Wedding look

Planning a wedding is really stressful, and you have so many things to handle on your plate – the dresses you will wear, your hair and makeup, the guests, where the ceremony takes place, the foods they eat, and so on. it is not surprising that many brides get stressed due to planning their wedding day outfits, both for the ceremony and reception; and when it comes to Indian weddings, you can never afford to look out of place as the bride.

Since your wedding day is the only time you get to be the star of the show, it is highly important to have your best look. The good news is that there are numerous options you can choose from, and you are sure to find something that fits your personal style and overall look. While sarees are a popular choice for bridal dresses, there are other options you can also explore. Read on to find out about our fashion tips that will come in handy on your wedding day.

Anarkali (preferably floor length)

These gowns are very beautiful, and will make you stand out immediately through their colours and flattering designs. They make a great pick for your pre-wedding functions such as meeting the family, and they instantly make you feel gorgeous – something you will need during your entire wedding preparation season.

They also come in a variety of modern designs and incorporate modern fabrics, including georgette and chiffon, as well as drapes that fluidly hang on your body and make for a very flattering appearance.

Consider fusion gowns

Choosing appropriate outfits for your big day can be quite the mess; so many brides want something as simple as possible that still provides some versatility. That is where fusion gowns step in; they combine both modern and traditional elements in their design, and are very good choices for your reception or cocktail party.

In fact, numerous bridal shows (even on TV) use them in their fashion tips, as they are quite appealing and beautiful in their design. When looking for them, consider buying those with elegant or embroidered net gowns, as they give you that special diva feeling for your wedding day.

Choose neon ghagra instead of darker ones

Many brides today want to blend the traditional Indian sense of style with a modern outlook, and this will offer both. It is also versatile enough to allow you to wear choli of different materials, such as a silk one, and then wearing a ghagra that has beautifully embroidered patterns.

Consider getting a choli in a pastel colour, for instance peach, then pair it with a ghagra in a neon colour. This look will fit well in a Mehendi or sangeet ceremony.

Consider jackets

When you think about it, jackets are underrated. There are few fashion pieces that can lift an entire look, no matter how simple it is – so consider using their power to your advantage. For any of your wedding events, even those leading up to or after the ceremony, you wear a jacket and it instantly makes you look stylish and elegant.

In fact, jackets are the perfect fashion accessory if you are getting married in the colder months of the year, and they surprisingly pair well with lehenga or Indian sarees. Those specifically for the wedding ceremony can even have extra embellishments that will help you achieve beautiful bridal look, as well as other features such as minute embroidery or heavy beadwork.

To make it even more interesting, consider doing the same or a similar style to that of the groom, especially in materials such as velvet and silk. There is something to keep in mind though – if you are planning to wear a jacket that has very heavy or prominent embellishments, then leave the dress as simple as possible. There should always be a balance, and this will help you to stay looking good the entire time. 

Consider selecting long cholis

Cholis are a very prominent part of traditional Indian wear – but long cholis are a contemporary and highly sophisticated take on this classic. They also incorporate lehengas, which also means they are a perfect fit for the reception ceremony, the Mehendi, or your engagement ceremony.

The best choli to get are those that blend the net with other fabric types, which include satin, silk, or velvet. If the design does nothing for you and you want to look more outstanding, you can switch it up with colours such as beige, black or orange.

Try lehenga in different colours

If you are at a loss on what lehenga suit you can wear on your wedding day, you do not need to continue struggling alone – there are plenty of interesting options, some which fit well into current trends.

One of the classic styles that have massively increased in popularity in the last five years is ombre lehenga, which was quite a huge trend a few years ago but you can still apply it today. There are also Anarkali lehengas, which incorporate long anarkalis that are sewn on a choli, and they flow downwards along the length of the lehenga. They can also add an anarkali ‘top’ which is sheer in design, and gives you a boost of confidence as you enjoy your day.

An interesting pick would be jacket lehenga, created by famous Indian designers such as Manish Malhotra and Satya Paul – they had their models wear ankle-length jackets over a lehenga. The choice of the jacket design and material is entirely up to you, and you can also use It as a substitute for the choli, or wearing it with a cropped choli.

If the idea of wearing a lehenga that has dori or zari embellishments is too much for you to handle, then you can consider wearing those that have mirror work or crystals as their embellishments. They still look really beautiful.


Picking your bridal outfits can be quite a challenge, but there is some hope as you cannot miss a style that you will like. Hopefully, these suggestions have given you some ideas or you can read more beauty blog, which help you explore more options and stand out in confidence on your big day.


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