Things to consider while making videos for mobile: Jasmine Chabria

Authored by Jasmine Chabria, Creative Partner and Co-Founder, Boom Man Studios

Jasmine Chabria heads the creative ads & fiction video content wing of Boom Man Studios. Encapsulating and penning scripts with effective production approaches, she has led some of the most trending ads for Kohinoor Rice Women's Day Ad, Abbott India, etc. Alongside being the producer, Jasmine has penned the screenplay for various OTT portals like Zee5, SonyLiv. Born and brought up in Iran, she began her writing stint at the age of 14 to set up her production house at 25.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but then what is a video worth? Content consumption patterns on every major social media and web platform show an upsurge in preference for short videos that are full of funny, casual and informative matter. And most people are watching these videos on their smartphones.

This has been an awakening call for brands world-over leading to a rise in investment in video production for advertising and marketing promotions. But before diving into the intricacies of video-making, it is essential to keep in mind considerations for video content development where mobile is the medium.

The mobile audience is mobile, which means that most of the content consumption is happening as people are literally on the go. This means that the content of the videos has to be more engaging than other things happening around them. If all the videos on your Facebook feed bored you, wouldn’t you rather chat with your cabbie, or read an e-book?

But before one jumps to the video, what attracts the viewer is an eye-catching thumbnail with an equally appealing caption/heading. This is step 1- snatch attention right at the cover! Step 2 is ‘Keep your viewer’s attention’. This is a tough one because the average attention span of humans these days is 8 seconds, less than that of a gold-fish! Once again, the content of the video (be it the story, its narration, special effects, etc.) has to be interesting enough so that the viewer doesn’t lose focus.

Keep the videos short and crisp, and if required link up short videos to their full versions. Using text openers at the beginning of the video helps to set a context thus saving precious seconds of footage.  

Each social media platform has their own way to spice up videos with unique filters, frames, and add-ons. For different platforms like Instagram and YouTube, it is important to shoot videos differently. It is so because while vertically shot videos look phenomenal on Instagram feed, it is the horizontal shots that work best on YouTube. So if your video is for Instagram, invest in shooting vertically instead of editing horizontal frames.

Finally, videos allow one to break the third wall by letting the cast speak to the audiences directly. This model of communications has proven to be successful, especially when a charismatic presenter is at the forefront.


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