This festival of lights, thanks people who simplify our lives with the #GiftOfInsurance, India’s leading online insurance portal announced the launch of #GiftOfInsurance campaign to make this Diwali a festival about saying “Thank you” to all those people who simplify our lives. The campaign is designed to spread awareness amongst people whose life would not run smoothly without their trusted companions - a house help, chauffeur, security guard, cleaner, cook, garbage man to name a few. The intent is to encourage people to make a significant difference in the lives of people who usually lack the awareness and proper education to buy insurance for themselves. The idea is to sensitize people about the need of having a proper insurance cover to secure themselves against an unforeseen medical emergency.  The campaign is currently live on Facebook and Twitter for a wider reach.

Diwali is the time of celebrations all around. The festival marks its arrival with massive cleaning spree, making way to buying new clothes, preparing sweets, exchange of gifts, giving baksheesh. While some baksheesh, new utensils or even new clothes can make our domestic support happy momentarily, but the thought of educating them on importance of insurance during emergency is something we all should pledge ourselves to, for their secured future.   

At Coverfox, the employees came up with a unique idea “to initiate the uninitiated” to the concept of health insurance. This broadly means to enable our trusted companions to understand the benefits of having a health insurance cover to deal with a period of exigency. It also means helping them identify the possible emergencies that could impact them anytime, guiding them in choosing a suitable insurance plan, and if possible, support them through paperwork, counseling or even financially. Creating awareness is important over anything else. For more detailsreach out to Coverfox’s insurance advisors, they guide hundreds of insurance seekers every day to clearly and carefully select a plan that fits their requirement. Join us and be the change maker! 

Jaimit Doshi, Chief Marketing Officer, said, “A fraction of 1.3 billion population of India is aware of the concept of insurance in India. You and I might know the benefits of buying a proper insurance cover for ourselves and our family. But what about those who don’t? So let’s take a pledge to educate someone who has simplified your life but is lacking a simple affordable insurance to cover their back in the time of crisis.” He further said, “If you need any help or want to get your friends to know the concept, our insurance experts are just a call away. Wishing everyone a Healthy, Happy and Safe Diwali!”

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