This festive season, Contract highlights the value factor for Asian Paints

Contract Advertising’s new film for Asian Paints Tractor Emulsions aims at highlighting the value factor of the brand's emulsions which lasts for many years and hence does not require re-painting every year.

Asian Paints Tractor Emulsion has always been a smart choice for the consumer who wants to upgrade to an emulsion finish for his interior walls, at a marginal premium over distemper. It is thus an upgrade for a distemper user who wishes to use an emulsion. Over the years Tractor Emulsion has championed this by progression households to plastic paint and has been the market leader in its segment.

Commenting on the new ad film, Mr. Amit Syngle, President Marketing & Technology, Asian Paints said; "The distemper consumer today has a very strong "har saal" or annual paintings cycle. Through an interesting interplay between an old fashioned father-in-law and a progressive son-in-law, this communications challenges this "har saal" painting cycle where on using Tractor Emulsion, the consumer gets not only a plastic paint finish but also a product that lasts much longer than a distemper."     


“Tractor Emulsion had always provided value conscious consumers with awesome looking walls. This had made Tractor the paint brand of choice for the Great Indian Middle Class.

This year however, we had an exciting new story to tell. The age old tradition of getting the house painted was getting decimated and replaced with something smarter. This clash of old habits and new ideas was the genesis of the commercial. An authoritarian classical music teacher struggling to keep things stay the way they have always been in the face of a smart young man who knows better. It’s an attempt at showcasing real life humour drawn from the lives of real consumers.”, added Ashish Chakravarty, NCD – Contract Advertising

The film opens on a father being received by his son in law on a visit to his daughter’s house and thereafter a debate ensues on the importance of painting one’s house every year. In the course of the film he realizes that with Tractor Emulsion there is no need to paint the house every year and thereby reinforcing "Kam Karcha, Saalo Saal Charcha".

Watch the new film:


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