This Global Tiger Day, Discovery India celebrates with world class documentaries

Global Tiger Day is an annual celebration to raise awareness for the conservation of one of the most magnificent and fierce felines, tigers. To celebrate these striped wild cats and to drive a deeper understanding about them and their habitat, Discovery Network has put together a remarkable content lineup for its audiences:


Sunderbans: Heroes of the Wild Frontiers  

This documentary salutes these brave soldiers in a first ever documentary series. The series incorporates a woven artwork of environments from the trans Himalayan cold deserts to the remote ocean coral frameworks, from the steaming mangroves to the wide grassland, alongside featuring the uncommon Indian Wildlife life. On ‘Sunderbans: Heroes of the Wild Frontiers’ spot The Royal Bengal Tiger is in its most primeval form here in the Sunderbans.

Streaming only on discovery+ and will air on 29th July at 1:30 pm on Animal Planet


Tiger Sisters of Telia

Known to be solitary creatures, tigers like to live alone as well as hunt all alone. Be that as it may, a gathering of four tiger kin of Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve in Chandrapur has demonstrated otherwise. Since the four youthful tigresses were confronting survival challenges because of lack of experience in hunting, they began hunting together. The documentary tracks the four kin — Mona, Seeta, Lara and Sonam — from adolescence and shows how they hunted together regardless of being separated once.

Airing 29th July at 2:00 pm on Animal Planet


Wild Frank in India

From mountains of North to jungles of South, Frank searches for the Bengal Tiger, one of the most endangered species on the talent. Will he succeed to spot the famously elusive cat?

Streaming only on discovery+ and will air on 29th July at 3:00 pm on Animal Planet


Serial Killer At Large

A serial killing Bengal tigress is on the loose, terrorizing communities in Northern India. The government enlists hunters, specialized in capturing man-eaters, to find this bloodthirsty animal. Can teams stop a man-eating Indian tigress in time?

Streaming only on discovery+ and will air on 29th July at 4:00 & 11:00 pm on Animal Planet


Looking for Sultan

This film follows the story of Sultan, Tiger of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve who vanished suddenly. Father and son wildlife filmmakers, Mike and Gautam had been following and filming him trying to put the pieces together to solve this mystery venturing out in search of a tiger named Sultan, the ruler of the Sultanpur jungles, who has been missing for some time.

Streaming only on discovery+ and will air on 29th July at 7:00pm on Animal Planet


Tigress Blood

Tigress Blood is a coming-of-age story of four sister Indian tigers as they battle each other for control of their homeland. Instinct tears them apart. Blood ties them together.

Streaming only on discovery+ and will air on 29th July at 8:00 pm on Animal Planet


Rana: The Queen of the Jungle

Into The Wild India is a 10-part venture through the enchanted wildlife of India, seeing the everyday lives and difficulties of its most iconic species and the numerous different animals with which they share their home. On Rana: Queen of the Junglefollow the fortunes of one Mother Bengal Tiger and her three youthful cubs.

Streaming on discovery+ and will air on 29th July at 9:00 pm on Animal Planet



Tigerland is the Oscar-winning feature on two passionate activists who made it their mission to save the beloved and often misunderstood majestic tigers.

Streaming currently only on discovery+


Dynasties: Tiger

Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, Dynasties has five extraordinary animals, each in a heroic struggle against rivals and against the forces of nature, fighting for their own survival and for the future of their dynasties. On episode 'Tiger', a tigress has 4 new cubs who she must protect while battling rivals.

Streaming currently only on discovery+


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