This Holi Girliyapa releases its latest sketch 'Holi Wars'

Bidding the winter blues off, the festival-of-colours is one of the most anticipated festivals in our country. While it brings everyone out on the streets, there are still some people who would prefer to stay indoors. Sounds strange, right? I mean Holi ‘Kiskonahipasand’. For all those of you who run away from colours and those who run towards,Girliyapa, from the house of The Viral Fever that has won the hearts of millions through their trendy and engaging content, released their latest sketch ‘Holi Wars’, a rib-tickling account of friends who love Holi and friends who are scared by the mention of it.

Featuring Shreya Singh as Ruby, KhushbhuBaid as Divya and Ayushi Gupta as Sheena, the sketch follows the terrific-trio’s plan to barge into Shreya’s house to play Holi with her. Beginning with the trio getting together to plan their crazy escapade, we see Ruby, Divya and Sheena make full-proof heist of having the best Holi ever. From pin-pointing the exact point of ‘colour attack’ to figuring out how to deal with the ever-so strict parental guard to finally making it possible, the sketch will give you all that you might need to colour that one friend jo kabhighar se nahinikalti!

Ending on a water whirlwind note with oodles of laughter and a successful Holi Heist, this sketch in association with Breezerwhich encourages you to #LiveLifeInColour



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