This is how brands celebrated #2020WaliDiwali on Twitter

Every festive season, as people prepare to splurge, brands leave no stone unturned in staying in the front line of their consumers’ view. Twitter - given its conversational nature, diverse reach, and ability to seamlessly connect brands with the right audiences - sees a number of brands go all out with their communication efforts to keep their consumers engaged and the brand’s presence felt. 

 Brands use Twitter to establish their identity, connect and engage with their audiences, provide customer support services, and even launch new products. Brands become a part of culture on Twitter as consumers on the service are constantly redefining relationships with each other and brands at any given time.

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With #Diwali2020 inspiring an array of emotions in all of us, brands on Twitter struck a chord with consumers over a number of themes - some humane and some fun.  This year, as digital emerged as the go-to medium for both brands and consumers, Twitter gave brands a stronger reason and opportunity to connect with their audiences virtually. Responding to the call, brands from across sectors such as OTT, e-commerce, OEM, etc., rolled out meaningful and engaging content to connect with their audiences on the service. Here’s a look at what brands on Twitter had to say this #2020WaliDiwali

  • Inspiring people to be kind and generous

The uncertainties of this year led people to be thankful for their blessings. Subsequently, many instances of people coming together to help each other surfaced this year. In line with this sentiment, several brands encouraged people to be kind, and continue providing their support to those who need it. 

Amazon India’s #DeliverThanks campaign, which used a Twitter Conversation Card to prompt audience to express gratitude towards everyone working behind the scenes, Vivo’s #SmileWalaDiya contest, asking people to ‘light up lives by bringing smiles to people’s faces’, Oppo’s video story of two little friends’ Diwali being brightened by their tutor, which was a heartwarming reminder to #BeTheLight in people’s lives, and Zomato’s #JabDilKare, aimed at granting some of people’s most heartfelt wishes through their @FeedingIndia project, were all testimonies to the goodness people carry within.  


  • Finding comfort in family and togetherness

Festivals like Diwali are the best times, and for some, the only times, when they get to come together with their family and friends to have fun, reminisce about the good gone days and make new memories. 

This year, as many people could not spend Diwali with their families, Coca-Cola nudged its audience to welcome new relationships into their lives with #DiwaliWithCoke. Volkswagen India, by #DeliveringHappiness, also tickled the familial sentiments in people with a video that spoke about the importance of family on all occasions - whether its Diwali, or welcoming one’s first car. 



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