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This Week on 'Live Out Loud': bindass Dance Squad Helps Bring a Family Together

bindass Dance Squad has a tough task at hand this week. A son who left home two years ago and swore to never return …a father who still cares…and the team of ‘Live Out Loud’ who will pull out all strings to piece this family together!
Ankur left home two years ago after he got into a fight with his father and also had a misunderstanding with his sister. He felt that his father never understood his dreams and aspirations as he did not allow Ankur to join the Indian cricket team juniors after he got selected for it. To add to the problems, his sister told their father about the girl Ankur was dating, which his father did not approve of. Upset over this, Ankur came and settled down in Mumbai and started working in the media industry. No one kept in touch with the other. But, now both feel that it is time to reconcile. Ankur decided to apologize to his father and sister with the help of the bindass® Dance Squad, but is it really Ankur who decides to apologize? Or do his father and sister also have a few surprises planned for him? 
Be it proposals, apologies or even demanding your boss for that appraisal…‘Live Out Loud’ has the most creative solutions. The magic of bindass® Dance Squad is catching on…

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