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This World Yoga Day pledge to take care of your spine by trying DuroAsana

Yoga is undoubtedly, one of the most effective practices for physical and emotional well-being. Just as you trust Yoga to take care of your mind, body and soul, you can trust Duropedic - India’s only certified orthopedic mattress to take care of your back. This World Yoga Day, Duroflex, one of India’s leading mattress brands, has launched a light hearted communication - DuroAsana, to raise awareness on back care and  the importance of using a certified orthopaedic mattress for good back health. Duropedic, the signature mattress range from Duroflex is India’s only certified orthopaedic mattress range. It is tested and recommended by the experts at the National Health Academy.

 In a fun and relatable way, Duroflex, in their new communication, captures various positions that people tend to take which can strain their backs. Be it sitting awkwardly while on a video call (Gyaan Asana), lying on the floor with the laptop and legs stretched out (Legroom Asana), slouching, eating chips and watching TV (Binge Asana), or exerting your back doing household chores (Daily Duty Asana). As a sizeable number of people spend more time working and doing other activities from home, the pressure on the back is only mounting. The video ends with a strong message on how we all need to save our backs by trying DuroAsana, which is getting everyday posture correction as you sleep on the Duropedic mattress. Duropedic is India’s only certified orthopedic mattress that provides the best care and restorative support for peoples’ backs whilst they sleep.

 Speaking on the communication for World Yoga Day, Smita Murarka, Vice-President, Marketing and E-Commerce, Duroflex said, “The back is an important muscle in our body which needs to be strong and flexible to carry us through the day. However, the new lifestyle change has led to an increase in day-to-day stress and strain resulting in spine issues and back problems. Thus, for World Yoga Day, we decided to generate awareness on taking care of our backs with our communication, DuroAsana, and drive the importance of our certified orthopedic mattress, Duropedic to do just that whilst you sleep.”                                            

The Duropedic range is scientifically engineered in collaboration with senior orthopedic experts to offer the most advanced support for the back. It is India’s only certified orthopedic mattress range and has been developed at Duroflex’s sleep lab along with the renowned orthopedists from the National Health Academy. The design of Duropedic mattress is based on a first-of-its-kind 5- Zoned Support System, a technology that provides differentiated support for the 5 zones of the body resulting in the most optimum and restorative back support.It ensures a perfect balance between comfort and support for a well-rested sleep.


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