Tic Tac adds 'Peach' to it's flavours!

Tic Tac, the mouth freshener from Ferrero, has introduced an exciting new flavour, ‘Peach Passion’ to its basket of flavours. Aptly titled ‘Ek Tic Tac Do swaad’ (One Tic Tac, Two Flavors), this new flavour will have the sweet flavour of Peach and the tangy flavour of Passion Fruit in one single Tic Tac pill.

With a tagline of ‘Refreshment to be shared’, Tic Tac is available in an assortment of flavours specially introduced to suit the Indian taste palette. It is available in a unique transparent box with multiple pills making it playful & sociable.

New flavours are introduced only after conducting a thorough research on Indian requirements and preferences. Youth especially love the idea of trying something new and different on a regular basis. Usually sold in transparent plastic boxes with a flip-action lid, the rattling sound is symbolic to Tic Tac. 

The current Tic Tac flavours available in the market include Mint, Orange, Spearmint and Tropical Cherry. Give your taste buds the unique refreshing experience with the all new Peach Passion flavoured Tic Tac.


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