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Tilt Shift Media LLP – Lowfundwala comes up with “Make Your Move” Campaign

The video campaign of Oxemberg “Make Your Move” by Tilt shift media LLP, the parent company of Lowfundwala will surely make you re-think about your achievements. These are not just videos but the stories of the real people who have taken an off-beat road and left a trail to follow.  The co-founders of Lowfundwala “Kashyap Swaroop” and “Harsh Desai” has sensitized on the fact that the internal change is the need of the hour. The essence of the campaign is to make the change from within. It focuses on the fact that decisions made by an individual depend upon how he feels from within. The Duo is all set to motivate its viewers and is more inclined towards telling meaningful stories.

The “Make Your Move” Video campaign helps to connect people with each other and feel the emotions too, it gives an internal satisfaction to the viewer as well as the company. The co-founders “Kashyap Swaroop” and “Harsh Desai” have beautifully curated the video campaign with a centralized idea that if you know that something happening with you or around you isn’t right and you can change it then make your move, don’t wait.

Life has a funny way of testing our patience when we feel we are in control of everything, the next second we have an opportunity either to continue on the same path or to challenge ourselves and make the desired move. Don't decide on the basis of the final outcome but on the basis of the journey which you will be taking to reach your destination. It's the journey which will change you. The battle between your mind and heart should always be won by your heart.

Kashyap & Harsh both believe that “Technology is a fast-moving market and you need to move with it to ensure your brand isn’t replaced by one ‘next big thing’ after another”. To stay ahead, it’s important to have an engaging content. As rightly quoted by a great video producer Bob Dietrick “videos allow us to tell the great stories of our customers rather than our own”. It is the future of the content marketing.

Directed and Produced by "Tilt Shift Media LLP", the Parent Company of "Lowfundwala"


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