Time to look into the mirror

The EMVIES incident has opened a Pandora’s Box and raised several questions on ‘our’ industry’s hypocrisy and double standards. Are the men who did not respond to a desperate call for help an exception or the rule?

Having been a part of the industry on off and for over a decades now, I have seen several faces of the industry, but NEVER this one. If the tables were turned and it was an industry professional in distress and a couple of journalists had refused to come to their help – the industry would have shown its solidarity. Nothing wrong in it too!

As for now, instead of making it a battle of words, industry needs to take action and show that it has its heart in the right place which beats beyond ‘social cause’ ads too. Most media publications have young girls in their teams - it would be a sad day if we have to stop them from going to industry events. Perhaps a few ground rules, stringent security measures and setting up of a travel desk at industry events would help.

Most important thing, however, is not to sweep it under the carpet calling it a one off incident. It is, rather, the first time that a young journalist has raised her voice. Time for warning bells to ring and for action to be taken!  


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