Top 10 BFSI interactive campaigns to engage users in 2020

2020 – a year brimming with unprecedented challenges has compelled brands to reinvent their marketing strategies to stay ahead of the curve. A trend that resonated with brands across the globe was the seismic shift of user attention to the online space, on their smartphones. In fact, according to EY Digital Consumer Survey, 90% of people are spending more time online. Additionally, in March alone, users were spending 24% more time on their smartphones.

Fortunately, brands have embraced this trend and moreover, capitalized on it, to target potential market segments more definitively. BFSI brands were challenged with how they could establish trust and security without physical real-world meetings. This was achieved with emotionally charged ads that used commonly available sensors and features on every mobile device to drive home the message.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 campaigns in the BFSI industry that made waves with impeccable storytelling tech-powered mobile advertising that created remarkably memorable experiences and established strong brand recall.

State Bank of India – YONO App | Voice

State Bank of India empowered users to access banking facilities at home amid the prevailing COVID–19 pandemic, with its mobile app YONO - You Only Need One, an integrated digital banking platform.

With a voice-enabled mobile ad, the bank advocated for social distancing by encouraging users to walk into the world of SBI by saying “Enter”. Thereafter, the ad showcased the features of the app and also prompted users to download it from the app store.

Freecharge Mutual Fund | Walk to discover

A market leader in online phone recharging and online bill payments among others, Freecharge engaged users with a high-impact, interactive mobile ad, while promoting the introduction of mutual funds services on its app, along with the ease of investing in SIPs via their new, all-digital service.

Leveraging advanced motion sensors – gyroscope and accelerometer, the ad encouraged users to walk to learn about the process of investing in mutual funds and how it would positively impact the user’s personal wealth. They spent over 9 seconds engaging with the mobile-led ad.

Axis Mutual Funds - #TaxFever | Plug in the phone charger

As the financial year drew to a close, Axis Mutual Funds wanted to familiarise users with its beneficial tax-saving ELSS scheme. The brand urged them to avoid waiting till the last date to save on taxes with a unique interactive ad.

Encouraging users to avoid ‘tax fever’, the ad executed a clever play on words by instructing users to plug in their phone charger to get maximum immunity.

DBS Bank | Real-time cricket score data

DBS Bank, Asia’s safest bank for 11 years, promoted its financial services with a data-driven ad that intelligently leveraged the cricketing megaevent - IPL, to create hype around its campaign.

Using real-time cricket score data, the ad dynamically featured live IPL scores only during the match, along with the competing teams; a sure shot way of establishing an association between the brand and the event.

Canara Robeco Mutual Funds | Voice

Enabling users to learn about mutual funds creatively, Canara Robeco Mutual Fund engaged users with a voice-enabled ad, that created a lasting impression among its market segment.

Reaching close to 5 million users, the interactive ad prompted them to say, “Know More”, thereafter showcasing six different videos, featuring different target market segments, suggesting that there’s a mutual fund for users at different levels, based on their needs.

Principal Mutual Funds | Tilt to avoid the obstacles

In light of the volatile market conditions, Principal Mutual Funds encouraged users to secure their finances by investing in mutual funds with an interactive ad.

Using a gamification experience, the creative challenged users to dodge the rocks that were labelled with potential risk factors that affect finances. Users were prompted to tilt their phone left or right, an interaction powered by accelerometer and gyroscope motion sensors, that elevated the ad experience and established strong brand recall.

Angel Broking | Pan the phone

Angel Broking wanted to promote its trading products and services in a way that would resonate well with users. Encouraging them to fulfil their dreams with its trading account, the brand captivated users with a high-impact mobile ad.

The ad encouraged users to pan their phones to the right to find a smart way to make their dreams come true. Integrating advanced motion sensors, the ad revealed the brand’s product as the ultimate way to build their dreams. 

YES Bank | Voice

In light of the on-going pandemic, YES Bank engaged users with an uplifting, voice-enabled mobile-led ad that encouraged them to embrace for the new normal and seize its opportunities.

Integrating speech recognition technology, the ad prompted users to say “Yes” to preparing for new beginnings and recorded a click-through rate of 2.9% which is over 14 times the 0.20% industry average for mobile banners. Further, the campaign then seamlessly revealed its products and services as tools to create a secure future.

IDBI Bank | Tilt the phone

Promoting its Utsav Fixed Deposits, IDBI Bank captivated users on small screens with an interactive ad that intelligently used powerful motion sensors to effectively communicate the campaign message.

Prompting users to choose whether safety or interest was of priority to them by tilting their phone left or right. Integrating accelerometer and gyroscope motion sensors, the mobile-led ad then educated users about the importance of safety in the context of funds.

Citi Bank – Howzat | Voice

Leveraging the popularity excitement around the cricketing mega event – IPL, Citi Bank unraveled its exciting offers with an interactive ad that creatively used voice to create a memorable digital experience.

The mobile-led campaign prompted users to say “Howzat” as loudly as possible into the phone’s mic. The intensity at which the phrase was said played a significant role in the campaign. Along with leveraging speech recognition technology, decibel readings were also used in this tech-powered creative, rendering it a truly intriguing experience.

From the campaigns listed above, it’s evident that mobile has proved to be a strong driver in delivering industry disruptive digital campaigns, that have transformed the way users perceive BFSI brands. Even as solutions to combat the virus are discovered, it would be prudent for brands to keep on this trajectory of emotionally engaging users with mobile sensor-enabled interactive ads. However, as technology advances, it would be exciting to see opportunities it presents mobile advertising platforms to create more unique and interactive mobile experiences.


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