Top 10 interactive mobile ads by insurance companies in 2020

2020 will go down in history as a memorable year. People grew more conscious about their wellbeing overnight and took the necessary precautions to remain healthy. Part of this extended to the inevitable need for insurance. The fact is insurance is largely need-based.  The exponential rise in the demand for insurance coverage presented a gold mine opportunity for insurance titans.

Insurance brands have been advertising for years now.  The campaigns were although standard. And Insurance was commonly perceived as a product needed for the older generation. This idea changed with the onset of the virus, and millennials became a new, untapped market for the $280 billion industry in India alone. Staying ahead of the competition became a necessity and it was important to revamp advertising strategies.

With the use of smartphones growing by 120% during the pandemic, mobile became the go-to platform for brands to engage with new target segments and remained relevant. Leading mobile advertising platforms like mCanvas have empowered insurance companies to create interactive ad experience on mobile, using the best features and sensors.

Top 10 insurance titans that conquered the digital ad space using mCanvas’ unique interactive mobile ads in 2020.

1.     Bajaj Allianz – World Diabetes Day | Move phone in VR to find elements

The festival of lights is synonymous with enjoying a variety of confectionary and the toll this takes on one’s health is often side-lined. World Diabetes Day coincided with Diwali in 2020. Bajaj Allianz took this opportunity to educate its audience about the need to stay healthy, while also enjoying the festivities.

The ad seamlessly coupled accelerometer and gyroscope motion sensors (standard in all smart phones) along with virtual reality.  This empowered users to move their phone around to find ways to stay healthy. This experience in turn, helped to establish a strong brand recall.

2.     HDFC Life – Father’s Day | Take a selfie and record a voice note

On the occasion of Father’s Day, HDFC Life empowered users to do something special for their father with an interactive mobile ad. Encouraging them to show gratitude to their fathers, HDFC Life cleverly established an association between the role of the father as a protector of the home, just as HDFC Life protects its insured consumers.

The campaign integrated face and speech recognition technology.  It enabled users to take a selfie and record a personalized voice note within the ad experience. This could then be shared via WhatsApp and experienced on a microsite. By doing this, the HDFC Life created a truly memorable experience for its customers, wherein they spent more than 16 seconds on average, engaging with the brand.

3.     Kotak Life | Voice

Kotak Life emphasized on the importance of purchasing a full-packaged insurance cover with rich-media mobile ad. The campaign prompted users to introspect why they settle for partial life insurance policies when in contrast they consistently prefer the complete experience of a product or service.

Promoting the brand’s full coverage life insurance plan, the mobile-led campaign encouraged users to take a pledge within the ad by saying “Aadha Nahi Poora”. This was enabled using speech recognition technology.

4.     TATA AIA Life Insurance – #RakshakaranHero | Tap to plant trees

Brands often work tirelessly to do their part for corporate social responsibility, and promote these activities via a yearly report. But TATA AIA Life Insurance took on a more interesting route to make some noise about its CSR work of planting trees each time an insurance policy is purchased. This was accomplished with an out-of-the-box, gamified mobile ad.

Stepping away from an otherwise basic way of promoting an insurance policy, the ad prompted users to tap on the screen to plant as many trees as possible within 5 seconds, to be a protector of both their family and the planet.

5.     Liberty General Insurance – #DriveLessPayLess | Tap to clean the wiper

Buying an insurance cover can be a taxing ordeal – there’s just so many policies to choose from. Liberty General Insurance promoted its ‘Pay for the Distance’ feature under the Motor Insurance Policy with an interactive mobile ad.

Encouraging users to ‘Press & Hold to clear the confusion’ button on the screen, the wiper started clearing the windshield, as a way of making things easier for users to understand. Thereafter, the ad revealed the brand’s messaging, along with the benefits of its policy.

6.     Bajaj Allianz – Two-Wheeler Insurance | Tilt to manoeuvre the bike

Insurance companies are stepping up their game with alluring ad experiences, that are keeping customers engaged. Bajaj Allianz took on a gamified approach in its interactive mobile ad, while promoting its two-wheeler insurance.

What’s particularly interesting about this campaign, is the clever play on words. The idea of steering clear of obstacles was cleverly displayed in the interactive mobile ad. Reaching 2.6 million users, the ad challenged users to tilt their phone left or right, to navigate a bike and protect it from obstacles.

7.     ICICI Lombard – #RestartRight | Voice

The ‘new normal’ was a hot topic that was frequently discussed about in 2020. ICICI Lombard captivated users’ attention with a mobile-led campaign that educated users about how they could adapt well to the new normal with a voice-enabled ad.

Integrating advanced motion sensors, the ad promoted the brand’s health insurance solutions by encouraging users to physically take a step forward to discover how to usher in the new normal with its #RestartRight campaign. Thereafter, users were shown a vertical video and were asked a series of questions about healthy practices. They were then prompted to answer by speaking into the phone’s microphone, which was enabled using speech recognition technology.

8.     HDFC Ergo - Raksha Bandhan | COVID-19 containment zone data

Gifting is at the center of Raksha Bandhan, and with COVID-19 prevailing, the brand promoted its Corona Kavach Policy with a data-driven mobile ad.

Leveraging real-time COVID-19 containment zone data, the campaign showed users the number of active containment zones around them, within a 5-kilometre radius. The brand then proceeded to reveal its insurance cover as the ultimate gift that could be given to loved ones during these trying times.

9.     Edelweiss - #DontUseDontPay | Tap to switch

Browsing through a multitude of insurance policies can be quite overwhelming. Edelweiss General Insurance promoted its app SWITCH, which enabled users to save with ease on multiple covers, with an engaging mobile ad.

Users were instructed to place their right and left thumbs on the screen. The  ad creative then revealed the brand’s motor insurance cover, as the perfect amalgamation of savings and ease. With an engagement rate 9 times higher than the 0.20% industry average for mobile banners, the ad also informed users about its policy of making payments only when the insurance was used.

10.  HDFC Life – Smog API | real-rime AQI data & tap to blow

The smog is a matter of concern in India, causing severe distress to those affected. To counter this, HDFC Life launched a data-driven mobile ad that intelligently leveraged top-of-the-line technologies to provide users with an industry disruptive mobile experience.

The ad encouraging users to turn on their camera and displayed the real-time AQI reading in an augmented reality. They were then empowered to take control of their health and live by blowing away their worries with HDFC Life’s Sanchay Plus covers. This interaction was powered using sound recognition technology.

Mobile has yet again proved to be a powerful contender in a space where platforms can make or break the final delivery of a campaign. Insurance brands stepped up to the plate and leveraged top-of-the-line mobile sensors and features in ads to build brand credibility and trust. With the advancement of technology, future brand needs will be readily taken on as a challenge to yet again challenge the existing norms in the mobile ad space.


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