Top 4 Sports Marketing Campaigns in India

The relationship between marketing and sports is becoming more prominent in the digital era. Many popular consumer brands in India are utilising the enormous interest in sports to reach out to a larger audience.

 A good marketing campaign has the power to influence the hearts and minds of sports fans.

 There is no doubt that a good sports marketing campaign can do wonders for a brand.

 However, coming up with a good sports marketing campaign is a tough job. Here are some of the best sports marketing campaigns in India that got it right.


Uber leveraged the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 to its best for marketing their cab services in India. Uber partnered with Virat Kohli and advertised their brand by showing Virat in a non-cricket context

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The video campaign was hard to miss for viewers watching the cricket world cup on television and streaming platforms. 

The marketing campaign also extended to social media and was one of Uber’s biggest marketing pushes in India. 

The marketing campaign has been credited with bringing Uber into the hearts and minds of most Indians, which made it one of India's largest commercial transport companies to this day.

Hindustan Unilever Rin

Hindustan Unilever’s detergent brand, Rin partnered with C.A. Bhavani Devi and leveraged her inspirational story to market their new campaign titled “Ab waqt hai chamakne ka”

Bhavani Devi is India’s first woman fencing champion to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics. 

Bhavani Devi has overcome several financial obstacles and gender stereotypes.

 Rin celebrates her journey to the top in their new marketing campaign.

Star Sports

Star Sports has leveraged almost every popular sports league and tournament in India to promote their brand. 

One of their campaigns showed Virat Kohli urging parents to let their kids go out and play. Another campaign focused on sports stars from the north eastern part of India. 

Star Sports has often spun their campaigns around breaking social stereotypes or supporting a cause. 

One of their campaign titled #GroundsKnowNoGender went viral and garnered immense appreciation which helped to promote that brand value as a campaigner for social justice.

Betway India

Betway is an international betting site that has leveraged sports marketing to the fullest in order to become one of the biggest betting brands in India. 

To support the brand, Betway has recruited brand ambassadors, which includes South African cricket star Kevin Pieterson, and the glamorous Nargis Fakhri - two stars that have a huge following in India. 

Following up on this, Betway runs video commercials during huge Indian sporting events such as the cricket series between India and Australia which was live-streamed on SonyLIV, with millions of Indians watching. 

This marketing push has helped propel Betway to become one of the biggest betting sites in India, and they continue to grow month by month.


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