Travelxp launches new shows in 3 Indian and 7 global languages

Travelxp, the world’s leading travel channel reaching over 75 million homes and renowned for mainstream travel shows shot on 4K, has launched a new food-driven show and added three enticing destinations to its globally popular ongoing series.

Nisha Chothani, Director - Travelxp, said, “I am delighted to announce the launch of a unique new show, Thali – The Great Indian Meal, celebrating different, unusual but locally very popular culinary treats from all over India. We have also added three beautiful destinations from Uzbekistan to our globally popular series City Breaks. These shows have been created in the best Travelxp traditions of worldclass mainstream travel content shot in exquisite 4k and HD with multicultural hosts for immersive engagement, and will be launched on Sunday the 22nd of April in seven global and three Indian languages.”

Thali – The Great Indian Meal:  Presented by celebrity Travelxp anchor Rohan Patoley, known most for his work in the non-fiction lifestyle-based series Strictly Street, Food Highway and Foodicted on Travelxp, this weekly half-hour series will air at 8:00 pm  every Saturday and Sunday, starting Sunday the 22nd of April 2018.

Rohan will take food and travel aficionados on a quest to explore the flavors and assortments of one of the most traditional fares of India; the Thali. Viewers will explore various aspects of food ranging from street food to lost recipes and luxury cuisines in what will be a great window to understand the culture of every region through the local and unique delicacies it has to offer.

Global and Indian audiences will get to savour the different, unusual, locally popular but globally not so well known  Thalis from India and the insightful stories behind different culinary flavors. The show will allow people who love travelling and exploring food of different countries, regions and communities to see India all over again through the culinary journey of the Thali.

City Breaks to feature three exotic cities from Uzbekistan: Travelxp has added three beautiful, rugged, historic cities of Uzbekistan to its tentpole series City Breaks, which airs on weekends at 9:30  pm, and focuses on world cities that are great travel destinations. The series helps viewers see, know and become one with the history, culture and people of each city while savouring its sights, food and traditions. Starting Sunday the 22nd of April at 9.30 pm, City Breaks will feature these beautiful aspects in City Breaks Samarkand, City Breaks Bukhara and City Breaks Tashkent, presented by the celebrated, popular and glamorous Travelxp host, Alex Outhwaite.

Samarkand, Bukhara and Tashkent are like a string of pearls on a timeline, each having a unique story to tell, and City Breaks’ Uzbekistan series will see the glamorous Alex  travel on a journey, shot in 4K, to Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara, visiting markets and madrasas; indulging in local cuisines and exploring buildings ranging from the modern to historical monuments that were built during the times of Genghis Khan and Amir Timur.

City Breaks is yet another example of the mainstream travel content Travelxp produces for discerning travel aficionados across the world. The cities from Uzbekistan are ancient and historical. Once part of the  erstwhile Silk Route, they are today progressing towards a modern outlook. Their rich history, elegant and magnificent architecture and pristine and rugged natural beauty are bound to appeal to lovers of great travel content worldwide.

City Breaks has featured several beautiful cities so far, including  Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Prague, Sofia, Brussels, Budapest, Belfast and Dubai.

With its new launches, Travelxp has opened a window to the world for the viewers to watch the evolution of thalis ‘from kitchen flame to worldwide fame’, and lesser explored destinations through 100% originally-produced content in High Definition and 4K.

“Through these new shows, we wanted to bring our audiences great food and immersive travel destinations,” said Chothani. “Thali – The Great Indian Meal, will help audiences savour the delicious and unique culinary delights that vary across virtually every 50 to 100 kilometers in India, and City Breaks will present the aura and beauty of intriguing, architecturally brilliant yet simple cities of Uzbekistan - Samarkand, Bukhara and Tashkent,” she said. “These are a little offbeat, yet need to be on every avid traveler’s list. That is a part of Travelxp’s ongoing mission, and we hope to achieve it this time round too,” Chothani concluded.


Rohan Patoley- The Great Indian Thali

Rohan Patoley is a television show presenter, who is known most for his work in the non-fiction lifestyle-based series Strictly Street, Food Highway and Foodicted at the channel, Travel XP.

He began his successful career with Zee entertainment, hosting various Interactive gaming shows. In 2009, he started working for Travel XP with Strictly Street, a show about the street food and local cuisine of various regions of India. The show was an instant hit and went on to complete more than 100 episodes.

After the roaring success of this show, Rohan went on to become the lead presenter in two more shows called Foodicted, which showcases the cuisines and culinary traditions across the world, and Food highway, which is a journey along the national highways to explore India’s culinary diversity. The popularity of Strictly Street led to the show being commissioned for another season, Strictly Street Season 2, in 2016. 

The two-part series of Strictly Street went on for more than 150 episodes.

Apart from having a flourishing career as a travel show host, Rohan has also been known for his work in various plays and short films.

Rohan is a director and show host at Travelxp channel. In the time that he has been working at Travel XP, he has traveled more than 25 countries and probably every nook and corner of India.

Aex Outhwaite – CITY BREAKS

Alex Outhwaite is a trusted voice in the travel industry and has gathered a strong fan base for her work.

After winning cookery competition ‘Herb Heroes’ judged by UK Masterchef host John Torode, she presented popular food and cookery show ‘Quest’, which saw her recreate forgotten dishes across India. Her other shows have included ‘Eat Love Feast’ on Together UK, lifestyle show ‘Hush’ on Property TV and ‘The Weekender’ on Made TV.

Having visited around 60 countries including filming some harsh environments, she has built her name as a favourite TV presenter on international travel channel Travelxp, which reaches over 75 million TV homes across the globe.

Alex writes about her travels for a number of clients including in-flight magazines and her own blog.  She also creates video content for both, her own YouTube channel and other clients such as Hostelworld, and a number of tourist boards around the world.

Her recent win of the International Vamos Latam competition saw her in South America for 3 months creating video content and in-flight magazine articles for Latam Airlines.


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